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Last Modified: May 30th, 1997

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Welcome to the ACCES I/O Products Incorporated World Wide Web Home Page.

ACCES provides pre-designed and custom-engineered Data Acquisition products for the industrial monitoring, control, and automation markets. Our primary focus is the design and manufacture of IBM-PC compatible ISA-Bus plug-in boards for data acquisition.

RS-485, RS-422, and RS232 cards in both single and dual port versions are available. ACCES has recently released Microsoft Windows compatible RS422/485 cards with Auto-Control of transceiver direction, allowing the Windows Serial API to work with RS-485 applications.

ACCES also has experienced great success with our ISA-Bus Expansion Kits, models ETRC-AT and LTRC-AT . These products allow a near-unlimited number of ISA slots per computer, in a software and hardware transparent design. Using an industry standard passive backplane, power supply, chassis, and one of our expansion kits, it is simple to add two, eight, even twenty or more ISA slots to any IBM-compatible computer equipped with at least one half-length ISA slot.

ACCES is proud to announce our REMOTE series of data acquisition products. Using an RS-485 adaptor, up to 31 remote devices can be connected, each device supporting multiple inputs, including digital inputs, digital outputs, analog inputs at either 12 or 24 bits, and counter/timer functions. Each remote device (pod) can be located near the source of the signal to be acquired, reducing cabling and interference concerns, with cable runs up to 5000 feet from the pod to the host computer.

Software provided by ACCES with our products includes menu-driven setup-programs, samples in C, Pascal, and QuickBASIC, drivers where appropriate for use with DOS and/or Windows, and utility code, such as curve-fitting. ACCES also provides drivers for use with Labtech Notebook and Labtech Control, both integrated data acquisition and analysis packages.

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