Bloody Reviews

3D Action Gamers Blood FULL Review!
"...and the best multiplay around!"

GameSpot Blood FULL Review!
"'re gonna want to add Blood to your collection."

PCM&E; Blood FULL Review!
"...scores 90% or more in EVERY category."

Games Domain Blood FULL Review!
" the scale for gore and guts."

Game Demo Blood FULL Review!
The Game is quite ‘Bloody.’

All About Games Blood Review!
"Loads of fun, if you've got a strong tummy."
All About Games

Game Power Blood FULL Review!
You'll howl with sadistic glee...

Adrenaline Vault Blood vs. Shadow Warrior
And the Winner is...

Game of the Month Blood FULL Review!
"BLOOD is Bitchin!"

Gamesmania Blood FULL Review!
"...they were saving the best tricks for last."

Adrenaline Vault Blood FULL Review!
The FIRST place to review Blood full.
5 Star Award!

PC Gaming Blood FULL Review!
"...I just love it! I WANT BLOOD 2!"

My Desktop Blood Interview
Blood Interview with Nick Newhard

Game Center Makes Shareware Gold!
A Bloody Good time.

All About Games gives Blood a Review!
You're out for BLOOD!

Share Paper gives Blood a Review!
"Blood takes us to the next level, with more, yes, blood."

Games Domain gives Blood a Review!
Read why Games Domain said, "I WANT THIS GAME... NOW NOW NOW!"

PC Gaming gives Blood a Review!
Check out this awesome Review and see what makes Blood a 5-Star game!

Adrenaline Vault gives Blood a Review!
Blood better than Duke3D or Quake? Listen to what they have to say.

Game Pen puts up Blood Review!
"It doesn't get any better than this!"

Planet Quake puts up Blood Review!
Blood receives good grades from die hard Quakers.

GameSlice puts up Blood Preview!
The guys at GameSlice took the time to put up a sweet Blood preview!

Games Mania puts up Blood Preview!
"Gamesmania has been playing the Blood shareware, and our monitors are blood-soaked."

Gamecenter's Blood sneak peek
Gamecenter had an early look on Blood.

Computer Games Online's Blood story.
Computer Games Online did an early sneak peek of Blood.

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