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Create the Army of Your Dreams

Fantasy General Box Your quest is to defeat the Shadowlord and his minions! Choose from four heroes as allies: Knight Marshal Kalidor, Warrior Marcus, Sorceress of Mordra, and Archmage Krell. As you gain experience, you can move your army ever closer to your ultimate goal -- the defeat of the Shadowlord and his followers!
To help you along the way, you can recruit mystical creatures and cast magical spells during tactical fights. Create your own battle, or play any one of five historical battles across five continents or in the dreaded Arena Fantasy General Wizard


  • The same easy-to-use interface, hexagon movement, and combat used in the mega-popular PANZER GENERAL are the heart and soul of FANTASY GENERAL.

  • You can even engage a friend via the play-by-mail feature.
  • High replay value! Because you have the option to fight many campaigns as four different heroes, replay is virtually without limit!

  • Over 120 distinctive fantasy units are at your disposal, including Griffin Riders, Dragons, Samurai, and Steam Fhants.

PC Games A-List Award

System Requirements
MS-DOS 5.0 or higher
    • 386DX-33 MHz

    • Sound Blaster Family and 100% compatibles

    • 8 MB RAM

    Hard Drive
    • Uncompressed hard drive with 10MB free space
    • CD-ROM drive
    • 2X or faster drive recommended

    • SVGA video card
    • Color SVGA monitor

    • Keyboard
    • 100% Microsoft or Logitech compatible mouse and driver

    • None

Check out the playable Demo

Screen Shots
Prepare for battle. Choose your men well.
Fantasy General screen shot
92k image
The shadowlord crushes Aer in an iron fist.
Fantasy General screen shot
46k image
The Warbands. Disposable Heroes.
Fantasy General screen shot
82k image

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