". . . a harmonious blend of rock, pop, blues, & funk . . ."

Pop, funk, blues, and soul comprise the eclectic sound of Pekker, a happening new band in New York City. The band began in early 1996 when John Lawes, the singer and frontman, and Mike Unger, the guitarist, answered each other's ad in the Village Voice's Public Music Notice. Both were looking for someone to complement their individual writing styles. "We ended up writing two tunes the first night we jammed." said Lawes.

They quickly began auditioning players and found Ric White. On drums, Ric sets the groove. Combining funk, gospel, and rock, Ric's style enables the band to create in many music genres. On bass, Ori Wallach brings a heavy jazz influence to the band. Born in Israel, and a graduate of the Berkely School of Music, Ori's playing reflects years of experience and training.

Gigging regularly and a recent appearance on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show have made 1996 a very exciting and fun year for the band. 1997 promises to be even better. Thrilling to watch and pleasing to the ear, Pekker truly captures the essence of what making modern music is really about: drawing from the past and combining with the present to create a new sound for the future.

John, Mike, Ric, and Ori bring with them fun, passion, energy, and flavor. Pekker is definitely a rockin' band with a '90s spirit.

New York, New York

John Lawes--vocal lead
Mike Unger--guitar, vocals
Ric White--drums
Ori Wallach--bass

clubs, bars, live concerts

John Lawes
160 West 97th Street #12L
New York, New York 10025

(212) 866-2552


To purchase Pekker's most recent cassette please send $6.00 + $2.00 (S&H) to: Pekker, 160 West 97th Street #12L, New York, NY 10025. Make checks payable to: John Lawes.

Samples from Pekker
"So Long"
"New Destination"

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