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  Video Footage: Sold by the Minute What's New -- June 1997

DIGITAL is proud to be a conference sponsor for CyberPayments'97 being held June 19th and 20th in Washington D.C. In addition to demonstrating the Millicent prototype system, DIGITAL will also provide a keynote address on the opening day of the conference.

Previous Headlines

May 1997
At Online'97 in Paris France, KLELine and DIGITAL announce plans to publicly test the Millicent microcommerce system throughout nine countries in Europe. KLELine is a subsidiary company of Compagnie Bancaire and LVMH, KLELine will provide Millicent broker services with the experience and savoir-faire of a reputable banking firm and of a world-wide luxury product and press group. In addition, KLELine is providing DIGITAL with its in-depth knowledge of European fiscal and legal regulations in the new environment of Internet commerce.

March 1997
DIGITAL announces plans at Spring Internet World'97 and CeBIT'97 to launch a public microcommerce trial using the Millicent system. Interested vendors and brokers are invited to participate now in a private trial. Bob Palmer, DIGITAL's Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer highlights Millicent in his Internet World keynote.

December 1996
DIGITAL recently teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund to demonstrate the Millicent system at Fall Internet World. DIGITAL also participated on a micropayments panel at the conference. The presentation, Millicent: DIGITAL's Microcommerce System, is available in PowerPoint V4.0 format (343KB).

November 1996
DIGITAL staged the first, large-scale public demonstration of Millicent technology at DECUS / Anaheim '96.

October 1996
DIGITAL presents a talk entitled Progress Report on Microcommerce at the general FSTC meeting in New Orleans, LA. This presentation (362KB in PowerPoint V4.0) has been added to the server. The presentation provides an overview to the microcommerce industry and gives a quick snapshot of current efforts from ClickShare, CyberCash and DIGITAL.

September 1996
The Millicent Micropayment Commerce Protocol presentation (240KB in PowerPoint V4.0) has been revised for the DECUS'96 Conference in Barcelona, Spain.

August 1996
Millicent is featured in a Wired Magazine article on micropayment technology, Nanobucks: Big deal or pocket change? Good profile of all of the micropayment schemes.

June 1996
DIGITAL introduces the concept of microcommerce to the Internet Commerce community at the first CyberPayments conference in Dallas, TX. The presentation, entitled Microcommerce Overview, has been added to the server (503KB in PowerPoint V4.0).

January 1996
Business Week (1/15/96) devotes a small business news article Millicent. Bob Metcalfe devotes his January 29th, 1996 InfoWorld column, entitled Cyberscrip: When A Penny is Too Much To Pay to Millicent.

December 1995
DIGITAL presents a talk, Millicent Protocol for Inexpensive Electronic Commerce, at the 4th International World Wide Web Conference in Boston, MA. This presentation (70KB in PowerPoint V4.0) is now available.
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