The German MUD List

Legend: [E] Established [O] Open [N] New [C] Under Construction

German speaking MUDs

Name Address Port
AnderLand 31415 [C]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[n] Base:MGlib(m)
Avalon 7777 [E]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[n] Base:UNIlib(m)
Avalon at the FH Augsburg has been developed from the UNItopia mudlib and hasn't much left over.
FinalFrontier 7600 [E]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[n] Base:UNIlib(m)
FinalFrontier is the first science fiction MUD in german language. There are a few and growing planet systems to explore. You can play as onpressing Akaardianer, brave Rihannsu, intelligent Paksi, as J'naii-thief or normal human. Finally you may travel the known universe as a Traveller or create new worlds in space as a Q.
MorgenGrauen [E]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[n] Base:MGlib
MorgenGrauen is the most popular german MUD which offers the player four races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Hobbit). Six guilds (Adventurer, Karate, Chaots, Mages, Clerics and Beershaker) as well as more than 49 Quests promise fun and adventures for a long time. Players that reach a certain level have the opportunity to choose between a life of infinite playing (Seers) or creative work (Wizards).
MorgenGrauen is located at the University of Münster and runs on its own computer by its foundation.
From now on it's possible to play MG directly with a Java-enabled web browser! Just click here!
MuhMOO 7777 [N]
Type:MOO Driver:N/A Base:
Imbris 6250 [N]
Type:MUSH Driver: Base:TinyMUSH 2.2.1
Imbris MUSH is a Multi User Shared Hallucination with the aim of roleplaying. It is located at the Leibniz-Rechenzentrum Munich.
PK-Mud 4711 [O]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[n] Base:MGLib(m)
This is a mud based on german language.
Regenbogen 4711 [O]
Type:LP+BSX Driver:AGD[n] Base:MGlib(m)
Regenbogen is a MorgenGrauen based MUD with BSX extensions at the TU Dresden.
SagaMud 7777 [C]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[n] Base:UNItopia(m)
The target of SagaMud is, to bring back the old tales. Nobody should be surprised to meet Odysseus on his 10 year voyage home, Eric the Viking on his voyage to America or just to be visitor on the lost land of Atlantis.
Seifenblase 3333 [C]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[n] Base:UNIlib
Seifenblase will consist of independent worlds (Smurf, Toon, Lummerland). The player will get a matching body and soul for each world. Your play will be a dream and death is impossible, you can just wake up. Players get a toy animal during their adventures. Seifenblase is located at the FH Heilbronn.
SiliconDream 2050 [C]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[n] Base:UNIlib(m)
SiliconDream is or better wants to become an SF Mud, based on Shadowrun.
UNItopia 3333 [E]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[n] Base:UNIlib
UNItopia is a German language MUD located in Stuttgart. If you want to log in, you should understand German, so read the German hints for UNItopia :).
Virrel 20001 [O]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[n] Base:UNIlib
Virrel is a project of students mainly with interests in interactive media and virtual realities. Its partner-MUD is ViKaR.
Wunderland 4711 [O]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[n] Base:MGlib
Wunderland at the Comuting Center Leipzig is based on the Wizard of Oz.

English or foreign language MUDs in Germany

Name Address Port
Adamant 4711 [O]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[n] Base:TUBlib(m) Adamant has been constructed from a TUBmud lib and runs on the TH Darmstadt.
Aldebaran 2000 [O]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[c] Base:2.4.5(m)
This is a descendant of Nemesis!
Armageddon 6996 [O]
Type:MUSH Driver:N/A Base:tinymush 2.2
"And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air: and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, saying, It is done." --- Rev. 16:16-17

Armageddon MUSH is a roleplaying game set about fifty years in the future, after the collapse of life as we know it. Earth has been devastated by plagues, earthquakes, and wars, until now only one city is left. Demons rule the city and plot war against Heaven. Angels continue carrying out God's mysterious plans. Humans are caught in the middle, struggling to survive and regain some control over their destiny.

Players take on the roles of angels, demons, humans, and fae (soul-less creatures caught in a war not of their making) in a dark, decaying world of war and intrigue.

CORE 3000 [C]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[n] Base:CORElib
Funny LPMud (only new ideas, perhaps new). We aren't so big now but we are growing every day. Well, we might be interesting for those players who are looking for something new. It might be that we are closed some times, because we are running on accounts and have to shut down to make space for other programs, but keep trying it. And don't panic we are open most time.
Darkside 6666 [C]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[n] Base:DarkLib
Darkside a rather new MUD running at the department of University Regensburg using a scheme of universes connected through various rifts.
DragonMUD 6715 [E]
Type:AberMUD Driver:N/A Base:Dyrt(m)
DragonMUD is the oldest AberMUD that has been constantly online since 1991. It offers a fantasy scenario with lots of puzzles and quests for you to solve. The rules of the game are simple so that even newbies will get comfortable quickly. Everyone can participate in the game and suggestions are always appreciated.
FirstLight 3000 [O]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[n] Base:Phoenix
FirstLight is a fantasy MUD with its own mudlib running at the department of computer science at the University Gießen
Type:DIKU Driver: Base:ROM2.4
Helliconia is a new DIKU in Germany. Its language is English to attract international players. Its said to have tracking mobs, town clans, ten classes, nine races, riding, handles, autoquests, playerkilling, and customizable color.
Kains estate 2000 [O]
Type:LPmud Driver:N/A Base:lib 2.4.5(m)
pure pkMUD, much action, something for fast players. open from 16.00 to 8.00 CET
MULTI MUD 4242 [O]
Type:DIKU Driver: Base:Circle 3.0(m)
Mythos 3000 [O]
Type:LPmud Driver:CD Base:Pader/CDlib
Mythos is a LPmud with guilds, magic and is set into medieval environment. It's about three years old and located at the University of Koblenz.
Nightfall [E]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[n] Base:NFlib
Nightfall, online since 1990, is a LPmud with a classical fantasy theme. Besides the large material world with about 70 quests there is the world of daydreams, where the Impossible can happen. Additionally to the 10 races known from fantasy literature there are demons, oglons (some sort of furry flying cats) and homarids (armoured water creatures). There are four magical and four non-magical guilds and as speciality a vampires guild. Raising and caring for pandas is one of the many other reasons to visit Nightfall.
Realm of Magic 4000 [O]
Type:DIKU Driver: Base:Circle 2.2
RoM is a CircleMUD with heavily modified code. It consists only of fantasy zones and players have the opportunity of several clubs. The "Immortals" accept ideas about the development of the MUD from players. Its is located at Bremen.
Realm of Nexus 6250 [C]
Type:MUSH Driver:N/A Base:tinymush 2.2
Realm of the Nexus is a new, fantasy-oriented MUSH, which emphasises on roleplaying. The character interactions are more important than the killing of monsters. NexusMUSH plays in an invented three-divided world with an own background.
Administrators and helpers, especially builders are always welcome.
TAPPMud 6510 [E]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[c] Base:TAPPlib
TAPPMud is a relatively old MUD with a strict Fantasy theme. Continents can be mapped and nine different guilds, including fighters, sorcerer, druids and necromancer as well as eleven races with different starting points and friendly and helpful players are features that make TAPP a popular MUD.
TubMud 7680 [E]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[c] Base:TUBlib(new)
TubMud is one of the oldest and famous MUDs in Germany. It is run at the department of computer science of the Technical University Berlin.
ViKaR 9999 [O]
Type:LPmud Driver:AGD[n] Base:
That you can run a mud not only to play with shows ViKaR. This is an information and communication server at the University Kaiserslautern. Its partner MUD is Virrel.
Xyllomer 3000 [E]
Type:LPmud Driver:DGD Base:Pader
Xyllomer (the former PaderMUD) is set into a typical fantasy and medieval environment. Players are allowed to take their part in decisions regarding the MUD. As 'established' MUD it is quite large and complex with over 50 Skills, 12 guilds and more than 100 quests. This guarantees a lot of fun over a long time. Xyllomer is now running on a new computer that runs without 'lag' and can take more that fifty players at once, which is the peak time amount.
AGD - Amylaar GameDriver ([n] NATIVE, [c] COMPAT)
DGD - Dworkins GameDriver
CD - CD Driver
(m) - modified base lib