Antietam BoxBattleground 5: Antietam

The Bloodiest single day in American History

September 17,1862-Sharpsburg,MD

Step up and take command of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia and "whup them Yankee aggressors" or grab the reigns of McClellan's Army of the Potomac and squash the rebellion once and for all!

A spectacularly rendered 3-D graphics battlefield highlights this struggle, the bloodiest single day in American history.

Antitam provides many historical and "What if" scenarios detailing the momentous struggle along the banks of Antietam Creek. Lavish attention to detail, gorgeous 3-D graphics and full-color reenactment videos blend into an exciting extravaganza of rue multimedia entertainment!

Download the Order of Battle for the Antietam battle prepared by Glenn Saunders. This document is a Word document.

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System Requirements

  • Windows 95 or Windows 3.1
  • 100% PC compatible
  • 486 DX/33 minimum
  • 5 MB minumum hard drive space
  • Double speed CD-Rom required
  • 8 MB minimum RAM
  • Microsoft Compatible Mouse
  • All Windows compatible sound cards
  • 256 color SVGA, Supports 640x480 or 1024x768 screen resolutions
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