For the people who used to play or build at the Archipelago and for those of us who have quit, I decided to keep this page up since I think some might still like to have an occasional look at it. I will be updating it, so if you're an old or new player with an home page, mail me.
If you came here to look for a MUD, I'd advice you to check out the MUD Connector, where you can find over 600 MUDs registered.

Players on the Archipelago!

I am still collecting photos and home page-urls from people who play on Archi. So, if you have a home page or want to send me your photo, email me.

Players Photos

Ansalon Goliath Ha
Midkemia Hanrahan Borg
Nakor Task Triton
Fwiffo Gwenfarthyn Winty

Home Pages of Archi-addicts:

is a builder who's real name is Jason. He does a lot of multimedia work which can be seen on his home page. He's 22 years old and moving to L.A. or Chicago this autumn.

One of the (very) few Aussie players on Archi. He's from Adelaide, Southern Australia, and studies Economics there. He is, how ever, a lot more interested in the topics he takes on the side, such as philosophy. He's of English descent and his real name is Ben, or Benjamin.

A chemist from Lousiana. As for the MUD, if you suddenly feel safer and hear someone snicker... then you know who you're dealing with. =P

Jan is a systems programmer at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, who has done some very cool coding for Archi :-) He plays too, and then you meet him as Coin.

is, as his name implies, a giant on the MUD. Now he's coding for Archi and I kinda miss mudding with him. He's a student at Cornell University in NY.

Her tongue is the sharpest one on the mud for sure ;-)
If she asks you something weird, she's probably just doing another crossword.

Gwen, or Kristina, is a nice and cheerful player from Denmark, where she studies Chemistry and Physics at the University of Aarhus.

Mag is the head implementor of the Archipelago and an excellent builder (Wivernhoe!). Don't hesitate to ask him any questions, he always has some sarcasm over for his friends *snicker*. In real life he's slightly higher than the average pixie, and lives in North Carolina.

Mid lives in Singapore, his real name is Norman and on the MUD he's a very nice and helpful player!

One of the more or less crazy persons from Lampeter, Wales. His home page was wiped but I hope it will be back up soon.

No, he doesn't have a home page. But he's president of an association that has one, namely GPSA at Cornell University. On Archi he goes under the title "watcher". It's sometimes hard to believe but Dan turned 25 this August (five years from 30, way to go! ;)

On the MUD he's a squirrel, in real life, he's a Bryan. Check out his home page for a bio, there's more there than I've been able to figure out :-)

Another Englishman, a slightly insane builder and player. Triton, or Steve rather, goes to the University of York.

Winty is a very nice person from London, who quits mudding about once a month -- luckily we have him back soon *grin*

Creator of helpful faqs and excellent zones. Xero is an implementor on Archi, and lives in New York.

Please don't drag me into a MUDaddiction, take me back to Lisa's Place NOW.

If you are wondering who the author of this page is on the MUD, you probably know me as Jo.