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We will be including new technical training information on line. You can take some sample quizzes based on industry-related training in Fiber Optics. Check back with us.

TP&A; Offers Fiber Optic Installer Training, following industry standards.
The course is in lesson modules, offered entirely over the Internet, via E-mail.
A comprehensive course manual will be sent to you upon enrollment.

TEXTS for the class are included in our links to information pages.

TP&A; Instructors are degree persons from education, practioners with hands-on skills, corporate trainers and certified trainers. Each trainer has a commitment to excellence in his area of expertise, and the group synergy provides a training environment that maximizes the learning experience.

The course fee is 299$ US, including postage and mailing of the workbook and reference guide. It is an open-entry course, of 10 weeks duration.

The success of the Fiber Optics Training Program demonstrates the excellence of our and the staff. Dr. Tom Pitre, Ph.D., of Thomas Pitre Associates and The Berkeley Institute-Berkeley provided Fiber Optics research, thus creating the Fiber Optics Training and Installation Manual and Workbook.

The manual was created using 3M specifications, BICSI Specifications, and those of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and the Electronics Industry Association (EIA).

In a recent study and survey funded by the State of California EDD, interviews with employers state that the personal characteristics necessary to find a job in the San Francisco Bay area include (by rank),
1. Current technical skills
2. Good interpersonal skills

TP&A; provides you with current technical skills.

The Skill "Demand Drivers", rated by all respondents to the survey, above, indicate that Fiber Optics is ranked number 2 in frequency of mention as one of the six items listed in the table illustrating emerging developments in the fields. Fiber Optics is rated 2, and wireless 5 and high bandwidth services, number 6.

Seven Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Fiber Optic Training:

  • What specific skills and/or knowledge do I need?
  • What training organization should I choose?
  • How much hands-on training do I need?
  • What depth of training do I need?
  • Do I receive detailed notes?
  • Does the trainer have a bias?

  • If you have any questions or concerns after you have asked yourself these questions, then, by all means, contact us.


  • The Theory of light (Photonics)
  • Cable Fundamentals
  • Tools, Equipment and Materials
  • Cable prep and connectorization
  • Mechanical and Fusion Splicing [3M mechanical, hot melt connectorization and Sumitomo Fusion Splicer.]
  • Testing and Trace Analysis Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)

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    - Some feedback from former students that took classroom training. -

    "Fiber Accelerated Class was excellent."

    "Best class I have ever attended."

    "Very attentive to student's questions
    and feedback."

    "I arrived with no knowledge of fiber and received
    a very useful understanding of it."

    "Very helpful [and] friendly instructors."

    "Instructor took time to clearly explain key points. Instructor gave clear explanations and made useful diagrams..."

    "Everything was explained very clear[ly] and in plain language."
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