Katz Media Partners to Deliver Pippin KMP 2000 to the Medical Industry and Cable Network

Paris, France - June 4, 1997 Katz Media today announced partnership agreements to develop vertical markets for the Pippin KMP 2000 in France and Canada. The KMP 2000 has been confirmed as the ideal multimedia delivery appliance for supplying on-going professional training and timely information to the medical industry, and for delivering on-line services, multimedia content and the Internet via the Canadian cable network.

La Générale Multimedia Revolutionizes Delivery of Technological Advancements in the Medical Sector

La Générale Multimedia, a French company based in Clichy, has integrated the Pippin KMP 2000 into the professional medical arena to facilitate and ameliorate continuing education of medical professionnals. Given the industry's constant evolution and technological advancements, La Générale Multimedia has realized the need to deliver rapid and continual training and information to doctors.

To achieve their goal, La Générale Multimedia has created an interactive computer learning center based on the KMP 2000 that allows doctors to review case studies, give their diagnosis and access specialized information specifically on Gynecology and Vascular Medicine. The doctors review case studies in a group and vote, by means of AM frequency boxes on practical questions, diagnoses and treatments. The voting boxes preserve anonymity, which combats the doctors' reluctance of being tested, for fear of not being abreast of latest advancements.

According to Emmanuel Klein, Executive Vice President of La Générale Multimedia, "Accessing the most recent information on cancer treatments, new drug discoveries or recent disease studies is vital in the medical industry, and therefore the need for efficient and timely information delivery is a necessity. The KMP 2000 is the revolutionary tool that makes this possible. By means of its CD-ROM capability, the KMP 2000 offers high quality multimedia for the television and interactivity in a low cost and easy-to-use manner. Being easy-to-use and low cost makes the KMP 2000 the perfect solution for medical professionals who are not necessarily computer literate, or do not have a substantial budget for computer equipment."

Arborescence to deliver Pippin KMP 2000 to Canada

Announced at the Marché International des Inforoutes et du Multimédia (MIM) in Montreal, Katz Media has signed with the Groupe Arborescence to develop markets, and to distribute and sell the KMP 2000 and a variety of peripherals and services in Canada.

According to Marc Girard, President of the Groupe Arborescence, "Only 20% of Canadians have access to the Internet. Under this agreement with Katz Media, Arborescence can now provide, to the rest of the population, on-line services, multimedia content and the Internet in an easy-to-use manner and at a price less than that of a multimedia computer."

Arborescence will be actively involved in developing multimedia applications and peripheral products for the Pippin platform. In addition, Arborescence, via its subsidiaries has entered into an ISP agreement with a regional cable operator and will be offering a full ISP service by means of the Canadian cable network.

About Katz Media

Headquartered in Paris, France, Katz Media manufactures, distributes and sells multimedia and information appliances and services. Katz Media currently ships the KMP 2000, an Internet and multimedia appliance based on Apple's Pippin technology that delivers a robust multimedia experience via the television. Katz Media is a wholly owned subsidiary of Katz Media Holding Ltd, a company based in Ireland.

About Arborescence

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, the Arborescence Group specializes in the field of new information and communication technologies. Arborescence focuses on products and services which facilitate access to, and use of, these technologies. The Group's activities include the development and distribution of information appliances and peripherals, application and multimedia software, and the operation of general Internet and specialty on-line services.

About La Générale Multimédia

Based in Clichy, La Générale Multimédia operates in the field of "formation" or training, specifically in the medical industry. La Générale Multimédia was founded in 1993 and is fully independent.

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