Arborescence launches
the first Canadian-content
Network Centric computer

Montréal, May 22, 1997 - With the arrival of the Groupe Arborescence Network Centric computer, more than 80% of those Canadian consumers who had previously lacked Internet access will be able to log on to the Information Highway. New information technologies now permit an alternative to using complicated, expensive personal computers.

The partnership announced today during the Marché international des Inforoutes et du Multimédia 97 (MIM) will serve to develop and sell the new Euro-Canadian KMP 2000 and its derivative products. Groupe Arborescence will head a new marketing partnership, including Katz Media S.A.R.L., Primetech Electronics, Point Net Communication and Group Technologies.

"We are happy to belong to a group that will enable most people to immediately take advantage of what had previously been available to less than 20% of the population. For a purchase cost approximately half that of a multimedia PC, our very easy-to-use / plug-and-play solution will open the doors to a flood of new applications," said Marc Girard, head of Groupe Arborescence.

Groupe Arborescence has concluded an agreement with the European firm Katz Media S.A.R.L. Katz Media holds a worldwide licence for Apple Computer's Pippin technology. The Pippin KMP 2000 is a CD-ROM based multimedia and Internet appliance that brings a wide variety of solutions such as education, entertainment, culture, on-line shopping and banking to the television. The Pippin is optimized to bring high quality multimedia to the television and to make it extremely easy to use.

This Internet assess solution is currently attracting much interest in Europe. It will be provided in North America by the new Montréal group that will build connectivity peripherals and develop various multimedia applications for it.

As part of this partnership, Katz Media will jointly develop products with Arborescence and its associates, as well as provide Arborescence with distribution rights for Canada.

Montréal manufacturer Primetech Electronics, will work on developing peripherals which will be adapted to specific reseller needs. Point Net Communications will be developing Internet solutions, certain software products, and connectivity tools. Group Technologies will create and adapt interactive and multimedia software.

"By using the KMP 2000, we can now offer the Internet to the 80% of the Canadian population already connectedto the cable network", said Marc Girard.

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