Katz Media Begins Shipping Pippins in Europe

Paris - March 17th, 1997 .Katz Media began shipping European-manufactured Pippins this week. These units, brand named the Katz Media Player 2000 (KMP 2000), are equipped with an 8-speed CD-ROM drive, meet CE requirements, and are localised for the European market, shipping with SCART and AV connectors and the relevant European power cable.

In April, Katz Media will release a television-optimised browser, specially designed for Internet access using the KMP 2000. The Katz Media browser, which supports HTML, plug-ins and Java, will allow developers to customise the user interface for specific customer solutions.

Katz will initially focus on professional markets to deliver interactive multimedia solutions such as training, multimedia kiosks, hotel room media systems, etc, in many industry segments such as pharmeceuticals, health care, travel, leisure, local government and education. The KMP 2000 provides significant advantages over traditional delivery methods such as CD-i, PCs and VCRs including :

Low capital cost - The KMP 2000, at typically half the cost of a Multimedia PC, allows companies to deploy many more machines for the same budget. It also allows developers to expand their markets into a far larger number of customers who can now afford a multimedia solution.

Low lifetime cost -The initial training and ongoing maintenance costs are significantly less than those of a PC-based solution for both developer and end user.

Advanced Multimedia - The KMP 2000 runs QuickTime and most Macintosh-based multimedia applications. As the majority of multimedia titles are created on Macintosh, multimedia developers can view the KMP 2000 as a "run-time Macintosh" capable of inexpensively delivering a robust multimedia experience including full-screen/full motion video, audio, graphics and animations.

Simple, inexpensive and safe use - The KMP 2000 runs off a CD-ROM, enabling complete control over the user experience. This means that updates to the software are easy and inexpensive to distribute, and that there is no risk of virus infection or incorrect installation.

Television display - The KMP 2000 is optimized to display on a television, providing an added opportunity to hook up the unit in almost any environment. This may include retail outlets and public information points where many consumers may view the solution at the same time via a television screen. It can also, of course, utilise a VGA monitor and the latest touchscreen technology.

Easy integration- Solutions for the KMP 2000 can be developed using industry standard software tools that kiosk and multimedia developers currently use. In most cases, developers can simply replace the computer they are currently using with a KMP 2000.

Tom Virden, General Manager of the Pippin Division at Katz Media, stated, "After showing the KMP 2000 to hundreds of customers over the past 6 months, it is clear that it provides the best price/performance value of any product on the market for online and offline multimedia delivery. With its ability to hook up to a television as well as a monitor, and to run QuickTime-based multimedia works, we have the ideal platform for kiosks, training machines, sales tools and numerous vertical market applications such as health, hotels, travel and retail, where the major drawback to implementing multimedia solutions has been cost and complexity. We are concentrating 100% on this opportunity at this time, while continuing the development of our consumer-based strategy for delivery later this year in key European markets."

Pippin Developer Units

Developer units are available now from Katz Media. These units include the 8 speed CD-ROM drive, 14Mb of RAM, an ADB keyboard adaptor to allow the use of existing Mac keyboards, a dongle to allow booting from a hard disk, a specially engineered SCSI socket to allow the connection of a hard disk, and a Software Developer Kit. Contact Katz Media for details.

Partners and Distributors Wanted

Katz Media is actively searching for partners/distributors world-wide who want to promote Pippin-based solutions into both professional and consumer channels. For an initial discussion on how you could work with Katz Media or to be put in touch with the Country Managers in France, Germany, Scandinavia or the UK, please contact Kevin Moir or Helene Clement at Katz Media in Paris.