The Pippin Platform :
The Ideal Solution for Retail Kiosks

Paris - February 6, 1997 The Katz Media Pippin has been chosen as the platform for yet another professional application for the retail market by the multimedia software developer Dogma srl. Dogma, based in Savona in North West Italy, specialises in the design and production of interactive software applications for retail kiosks. They currently have multimedia-based kiosk solutions implemented in many of Italy's most prestigious organisations and believe that the availablility of their software on the Pippin platform will significantly expand their sales potential in this area.

"We plan to offer our multimedia kiosk solutions on the Pippin to the various market segments that we address," said Chief Executive, Fabrizio Zago. "For example, we would like to introduce kiosks in doctors' offices to make the waiting room experience more enjoyable for the patients and to promote medical products in a more interesting way."

He added, "We also have many existing and potential clients who have retail outlets and they would like to demonstrate their products and services in a more exciting and interactive way. Up until now, they have been concerned about the complexity of PC based solutions. Now we can offer them a solution, based on Pippin, which is very simple to introduce for the client....and very easy to use for their customers."

About the Pippin

Based on Apple Computer's easy-to-use technology, the Pippin is a CD-ROM based multimedia and Internet appliance. Technically, the Pippin is a full fledged PowerPC based Macintosh computer, redesigned to lower cost and simplify the user interface. The Pippin connects to standard televisions and works off of inexpensive CD-ROMs, thus reducing the cost of expensive peripherals, like monitors or hard drives. It provides a full multimedia experience, as well as on-line capability.

About Katz Media

Katz Media manufactures, distributes and sells multimedia appliances, titles and services. Founded in 1996, Katz Media is a wholly owned subsidiary of Katz Media Holding Ltd, a company based in Ireland.

About Dogma srl

Dogma designs and publishes medical periodicals and multimedia software solutions in the medical, advertising and tourism markets, both in Italy and other European countries. Dogma also produces a series of consumer titles about composers such as Puccini and Verdi.

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