The Pippin At Work in Redwall Retail Stores

Paris - February 3 , 1997 The first professional application developed for the Katz Media Pippin has been launched in the luxury retail stores of Redwall. Redwall, the prestigious Italian manufacturer and distributor of luxury leather goods (Giorgio Armani, Moschino...) has developed a CD-ROM based electronic catalogue to run on the Katz Media Pippin. Redwall's strategy is to combine a strong traditional craftsmanship for manufacturing with the use of the latest multimedia technologies for its communication. In this vein, Redwall intends to install Pippins in their retail stores to provide access to their interactive catalogue of over 1000 products, as well as provide virtual visits through the other retail stores.

"Choice is a fundamental element for luxury retail stores," according to Andrea Rosa, IT Manager at Redwall. "Customers want to be able to choose from the largest range of models, materials, as well as colors. This choice being nearly impossible to show in a single retail outlet, Redwall has created an interactive multimedia catalogue, which allows consumers to make a real choice between all the proposed models." Rosa added, "We have chosen Katz Media's Pippin as the platform for our catalogue because we consider it to be the most adapted multimedia tool and the most versatile."

Katz Media's Pippin is now on show in Redwall shops in Italy and France, demonstrating new forms of media, as well as complementing existing forms of media, like the traditional glossy paper catalogue.

About the Pippin

Based on Apple Computer's easy-to-use technology, the Pippin is a CD-ROM based multimedia and Internet appliance. Technically, the Pippin is a full fledged RISC-based Macintosh computer, redesigned to lower cost and simplify the user interface. The Pippin connects to standard televisions and works off of inexpensive CD-ROMs, thus reducing the cost of expensive peripherals, like monitors or hard drives. It provides a full multimedia experience, as well as on-line capability.

About Katz Media

Katz Media manufactures, distributes and sells multimedia appliances, titles and services. Founded in 1996, Katz Media is a wholly owned subsidiary of Katz Media Holding Ltd, a company based in Ireland.

About Redwall

Redwall, the Year 2000 craftsman, manufactures and distributes luxury leather goods. Based in Bologne, the company takes its name from its native city, "the city with red walls."

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