Bandai and Katz Media announce cooperation to develop European Pippin Market

Paris - January 29,1997 Bandai and Katz Media today announced a joint cooperation for developing the European Market for the Pippin multimedia/Internet appliance. Under this agreement, Bandai will focus on localizing and publishing many of their Pippin titles from Europe and Japan for the European Market. Katz Media, which is starting up high volume European-based manufacturing, will provide the Pippin hardware unit and a variety of peripherals, a broad line of localized titles from key European and American publishers and local language customer support.

Katz Media will be launching a Pippin product in April in France, the UK, and Scandinavia. Germany and other European countries will soon follow. Tom Virden, VP/General Manager of Katz Media, Ltd. remarked, "We are excited to be bringing Pippin to the market. We have seen very strong customer interest both for the home market and for specialized professional uses such as training, education and vertical markets. We truly believe that the time is right for a television centric multimedia and Internet appliance that is less expensive and far easier to use than a personal computer. We are happy to be working closely with Bandai in developing the market here in Europe."

Claudius Erhardy, Pippin Manager of Bandai France, added, "Bandai is currently shipping the Pippin@Atmark in Japan and the Pippin@World in the US. In order to focus our efforts on making the US launch successful, and because Katz Media is currently manufacturing in the European Union, we felt that a cooperation with Katz Media to get units into the European Market was the best strategy. Bandai is committed to making the Pippin a success worldwide and is looking forward to launching our Pippin titles here in Europe".

Based on Apple Computer's easy-to-use technology, the Pippin is a CD-ROM based multimedia and Internet appliance that brings a wide variety of solutions such as education, entertainment, culture, on-line shopping and banking to the television. The Pippin is optimized to bring high quality multimedia to the television and to make it extremely easy to use. Katz Media is also investing in off-line and on-line design of the user interface to eliminate all technical barriers to enter into the worlds of multimedia and the Internet.

Katz Media Ltd. was founded in 1996 with the purpose of manufacturing, distributing and selling multimedia appliances, titles and services. Katz Media Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Katz Media Holding Ltd., a company based in Ireland.

Bandai Co, a Japanese company, was founded in 1950 in Tokyo. Bandai is well known worldwide for its toys based on popular characters such as the Power Rangers, Masked Rider, Sailor Moon and many others. Bandai has also its eyes set on numerous fields outside the toy market, such as multimedia (video games, edutainment, electronic toys, program production, music, Pippin...)

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