Katz Media Announces Product Strategy and Cooperation with Strategic Partners for Pippin Platform

September 18, 1996 , -- Apple Expo, Paris -- Today Katz Media announced its overall product strategy and identified support of strategic partners with whom it will be working.

Product Strategy. Katz Media's first product line is a set of Multimedia and Internet devices based on Apple Computer's Pippin technology. The Pippin is a revolutionary multimedia appliance providing an easy to use and low cost access to interactive education, entertainment, banking, shopping, and the Internet.

The Pippin product from Katz Media will be available in two configurations, a basic multimedia configuration for running CD-ROM titles and a higher end version supporting Internet access.

Katz Media intends to ship initial Pippin units in November, 1996. The initial shipments will be for VARs and other direct accounts. Broad retail shipments are scheduled for March of next year. "We have seen tremendous interest from VARs and strategic accounts", stated Tom Virden, VP/General Manager of Katz Media SARL. "Due to this, we felt we needed to wait until next spring, when we have sufficient product volume, to ship to the retail market." As Katz Media's business will be direct until next year, Katz Media did not announce a Suggested Retail Price.

Partners. Katz Media has selected several partners throughout Europe to provide services and operations to its customers. The following is a brief summary of those partners.

Product Operations - Alps Electric (Ireland). Katz Media has selected Alps Electric to provide most of its product operations. This includes final assembly, localization for the European market, warehousing operations, shipping and service operations. Alps is a world leader in high technology products, shipping over 1 million keyboards and other computer products in 1996. Alps can be reached at (353) 29 70677.

Web Site - Wcube. Wcube will be creating the customer web site for Katz Media. The site will be designed specifically for the Pippin User and will offer product information, support, downloadable titles and demos, and secure electronic transactions over the Internet. "We are excited to partner with Katz Media to create a unique, inviting environment for Pippin Users, using the latest technologies available on the World Wide Web", stated Christophe Chatillon, Associate Director of Wcube. "The Pippin customer will often be new to the Internet, and so we will have a site that makes them feel welcome, and creates a demand to visit the site regularly"

Pippin In-box CD - 3ème Vague. Katz Media has selected 3ème Vague to create an in-box tutorial and guide to Pippin solutions. "We want to create a truly unique user experience, designed for the Pippin novice, that will demonstrate the incredible multimedia solutions available for the Pippin, as well as establish a standard for the user experience", stated Gilles Antquetil at 3ème Vague. "We will use QuickTime VR, advanced Macromind Director techniques, and a unique navigation metaphor to accomplish this goal"

Mass Merchant Distribution - Accétéra, etc... Katz Media has selected Accétéra, etc..., a well known Multimedia distributor concentrating on mass merchants to distribute its products to the major retailers in France. Michel Vallée, Directeur commercial, stated "We have seen tremendous interest from the major French retailers on the Pippin product. They see it as the first true multimedia platform, that will appeal to a broad new range of customer who was not willing to go to the expense and hassle of a personal computer. We are very excited to be distributing the Katz Media Pippin, plus a wide variety of titles and accessories throughout France, and will be putting a major investment behind the merchandising and retail promotion of the product."

Katz Media is in negotiation with additional partners, and will be announcing them in the upcoming months.

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