Katz Media Announces Partnerships with Multimedia Developers and Publishers for Pippin Platform

September 18, 1996 , -- Apple Expo, Paris -- Katz Media SARL today announced agreements with a broad number of Multimedia Developers and Publishers who have agreed to "Pippinize" their CD-ROM titles and make them available to Pippin customers. Jim Cook, Solutions Director for Katz Media, stated "we are thrilled by the support we have seen for Pippin from the software community. At retail shipment, we are confident that our customers will be able to choose from a wide variety of very high quality, locale language Pippin titles." Pippin titles available in all major categories, including education, entertainment, reference, and cultural, and many will also feature an on-line aspect.

Katz Media has received commitments from several of the leaders in the multimedia publishing industry. These companies publish the top titles which will provide the solutions that customers demand. Major publishing partners that have committed to the Katz Media Pippin platform include :

Montparnasse Multimedia, Paris, has agreed to Pippinize Le Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, and Michel Ange titles.

Hachette Filipacchi Multimedia, Paris, has committed to Pippinizing several of its titles, including the top selling Elle Cooking title.

Microfolie's will be Pippinizing the Commander Blood bestselling series, as well as other titles.

Organa, a new media publishing company in New York and San Francisco, publisher of award winning titles Le Livre de Lulu and P.A.W.S has agreed to Pippinize several of their titles.

Navigo Multimedia GmbH, Munich, will Pippinize its best selling Janosh title, along with future titles.

Headbone Interactive, Seattle, will Pippinize their entire line of products, including Elroy goes Bugzerk and Elroy hits the pavement.

7th level GmbH, Munich, will Pippinize Monty Python 'sA Complete Waste of Time , as well as their major game titles scheduled for fall 1996.

According to Aleen Stein, CEO and Publisher of Organa, "Increasing the installed base of people that can play multimedia content has always been a key objective for our industry, and the Pippin is the kind of product that can make that happen." Also developers have been pleased with the ease to create Pippinize titles. Emmanuel Marot, co-founder of 3ème Vague and developer of the very popular Virtual Tourism of Paris title, commented about porting to the Pippin, "we have been working with the Pippin for some months now, and have found that moving titles from the Macintosh to the Pippin is fairly easy".

Katz Media has also established partnerships with development companies in several countries to help work with Publishers who want to bring their titles over to the Pippin. These companies are :

3ème Vague, for French language titles

3, rue de l"Arrivée BP N· 1, 75719 Paris Cedex 15, France

Tel: (33) 01 45 38 80 01, Fax: (33) 01 45 38 90 95

Web site : http://www.3emevague.com

Flabberghasted, for English language titles

21 Steward Street, London E1 6AJ, England

Tel: (44) 1 71 426 0020, Fax: (44) 1 71 426 0435

Planet X, for German language titles

Stftingtalstrasse 178, 8010 Graz, Austria

Tel: (43) 316 391 184 - 0, Fax: (43) 316 391 184 - 0

Pippin provided by Katz Media will be a complete solution right out of the box. It will ship with bundled titles, as well as a catalog of titles available directly from Katz Media, so that users can easily find the titles they need. In addition, Katz Media is developing a web site uniquely for Pippin customers, which will offer an inviting, club-like atmosphere and will provide an on-line service for viewing and ordering the latest released titles.

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