Katz Media Signs Worldwide Licensing Agreement for Apple's Pippin Technology

Cannes - June 4, 1996 - Katz Media today signed a worldwide licensing agreement with Apple Computer, Inc. to use Apple's Pippin Technology. Katz plans to build exciting multimedia and Internet solutions for Home, Education and Business markets based upon the Pippin foundation.

Tom Virden, VP Marketing at Katz (see related story below), stated. We are very excited about licensing the Pippin Technology from Apple. The ability to deliver high quality multimedia solutions at a low price will allow us to reach broad new sets of customers that previously could not afford these solutions. For the home, the Pippin will build off of the rich multimedia capabilities and software base of the Macintosh plus its ability to access the Internet to become the first true multimedia appliance. For budget conscious schools, Pippin provides the ability to deliver high quality interactive solutions to a broader set of students than before. Finally, we also believe there are new markets in business, such as computer aided training, that are a perfect fit for the Pippin. We are making a $25 million investment in the Pippin, focused mainly on building comprehensive solutions for these markets, and will be aggressively marketing them through partnerships, retail and direct sales.

Katz will offer a wide variety of hardware and software for Pippin. Planned title categories will be

a) games, entertainment and edutainment,
b) enhanced music,
c) education,
d) encyclopedia and other reference works,
e) personal productivity
f) Internet access, home banking and home shopping.

Hardware bundles will include a keyboard, modem and AppleJack. Other options planned include Zip drives, floppy drives, hard disks, monitors and infra-red keyboards.

Pippin solutions from Katz will be available this fall throughout Europe. Pricing and configuration information will be announced prior to shipment.

In a separate announcement, Katz Media has hired Thomas W. Virden to be Vice President of Marketing. Tom spent 10 years in product management and consumer marketing at Apple Computer, and was Vice President of Marketing at Digidesign, a subsidiary of Avid Technology that provides digital recording products to the music and film industries. Recently, Tom has been president of International Marketing Services, a Paris based company specializing in helping American high tech companies build their sales and marketing capabilities in Europe.

Katz Media is a digital content company owned by Olympia Finans A.S, with activities in publishing, graphics, distribution and financial services. Currently, Katz Media promotes approximately 50 CD ROM products and titles worldwide, primarily in Europe and Australia.

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