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Personal Investing Using the Web
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Personal Investing Using the Web is a survey course of resources available for the online investor.

Author Russell Shaw teaches you how to begin a relationship with an online brokerage or mutual funds site. Additional topics covered include where to find research reports, prospectuses, as well as, the best financial news and investment advice.

While this is not a course designed to teach basic principles of personal investment, students are given numerous resources for furthuring their investment knowledge.

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After completing this course, you'll be able to:

* Have an understanding of the vast resources available for the online investor

* Establish an online mutual fund or brokerage account

* Use the Web to conduct investment research

* Track financial news that is essential to the investor

* Check portfolio status using the Web

* Knowledgably discuss the current status of security issues associated with managing personal investments online.

Click this button to see the course syllabus for Personal Investing Using the Web.

Russell Shaw

Who Should Enroll:
People who are interested in using the Web to manage their investments. Students should have a basic understanding of investment principles and strategies.

Introductory Price:

Course Length:
20 hours (approximately)

Required Software:
There is no required software for this course

Course Texts:
There are no required texts for this course

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