Lites 1.0 Announcement

Lites 1.0 is now available.  The primary purpose of this release is to
make the source available to interested parties.  No installation kit
is included.

Lites is a 4.4 BSD Lite based server and an emulation library
that provide free unix functionality to a Mach based system.

Lites provides binary compatibility with 4.4 BSD, NetBSD (0.8, 0.9,
and 1.0), FreeBSD (1.1.5 and 2.0), 386BSD, UX (4.3BSD) and Linux on
the i386 platform.  It has also been ported to the pc532, PA-RISC, and
preliminarily to the R3000 and Alpha.  Lites works with Mach 3.0,
Mach 4, and RTMach.

The recommended user platforms are NetBSD 1.0 and FreeBSD 2.0.  Linux
file system support is not included in this release.

Lites was written by Johannes Helander at Helsinki University of
Technology based on 4.4 BSD Lite from University of California and
code written by the CMU Mach group.  Several people have contributed to
the effort, including Ian Dall, Mike Hibler, Jeff Law, Bryan Ford,
Jukka Virtanen, Mary Thompson, Sampo Kellomaki, John Dyson, Csizmazia
Balazs, Chris Maeda, and Timo Rinne.

Special care has been put into keeping the code legally clean.  Each
piece of code that has been added to Lites has been carefully
examined.  There is no Net2 or 4.3 BSD code in Lites.

Lites consists of a multithreaded single server that handles multiple
system calls from any process, file paging, etc. and an emulation
library that provides applications with an environment that looks like
the system the application expects.  The emulator is a completely new
implementation and removes most of the security problems associated
with earlier emulators (protection against resource attacks requires
kernel support).

Lites has been self hosting for several months.  Its current
performance is 6% lower than that of NetBSD 1.0 as measured by
building gcc within the exact same machine and environment.  Many
obvious optimizations especially in the field of i/o have not yet
been made.

Lites is available from the following locations:

For more information refer to the Lites home page

I have also made my Master's thesis available in postscript form under
the same URL.  It covers some aspects of Lites.