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The Year 2000 Problem - Challenge or Opportunity

It is a matter of perspective! Mindware percieves the century change as an opportunity for organizations to classify, categorize and inventory all the resources in the Information Technology infrastructure which is quite possibly one of the most critical assets in an enterprise. The collection of this information alone is reason enough to turn this challenge into an opportunity.

However, a word of caution: changing your applications to accomodate the turn of the century is not a simple exercise. It is perhaps one of the most daunting projects you will ever undertake. It will span the entire spectrum of your organization while being complicated due to the magnitude of the effort, complex project management, maintenance control, quality assurance and finally, Year 2000 compliance.

Most companies do not know the extent of their Year 2000 problem. It might be a small project which could be done in less than a year or the project may be so large that there is not enough time or resources available to make the end date (December 31, 1999).

Mindware does not minimize or exaggerate the magnitude or the complexity of the effort, but we can - by being your partner and implementing the Mindware 2000 solution - make it manageable.

Mindware 2000 - The method that cures.

To avoid the turn-of-the century crisis you must act decisively and you must act now. Making your systems Year 2000 compliant requires cost effective and creative solutions, a fine tuned methodology, software tools developed to deal with the complex issues of conversion and Year 2000 compliance, a factory assembly line approach to provide productivity and consistency in the deliverables, strong project management and quality assurance and low risk.

Which of these requirements do you think is most important? You do not have to make this decision because by choosing Mindware as your partner you will get them all.

Mindware views Century Date Conversion as a management issue - not just as another technical or maintenance requirement. We have done an extensive analysis of the impact of the century change on software applications to arrive at the Mindware 2000 Solution which was designed to do one thing well - prepare your business for the next century.

Mindware 2000 - Steps to Success

Mindware 2000 - Key Features

Mindware 2000 Workbench

An integrated environment of various tools.



Options: On-site, on-site/off-site, on-site/offshore



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