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SunGard Year 2000 Computer Service--The Environment to Approach the Millennium

While few are unaware of the impending computer disaster associated with the year 2000, many still need to find the right environment for developing and proving their solutions to this problem. These projects require on-demand, flexible resources with specialized support and software. SunGard Year 2000 Computer Service provides the environment to solve the Year 2000 problem and verify the solution--a confident approach to the millennium.

Year 2000 projects will require significant additional computer capacity. In fact, a company heavily invested in software and information may need the ability to run parallel systems during dry run and testing phases, virtually doubling facility requirements. SunGard Computer Services (SCS) can provide this level of capacity, allowing the client to avoid additional investment in equipment, space, and personnel for what is basically an interim need.

At each stage of the Year 2000 project--Assessment, Remediation, Testing--SCS offers a unique combination of facilities and support that assure clients that they will be ready when 1999 ends.

All this is possible through the use of SunGard's data centers, complete with full suites of software, systems, and operations support. Development LPARs are available now for all the necessary functions.

For assessment, users can install their own Year 2000 toolsets or use tools provided by SunGard. Remediation is supported with Cobol II, LE/370, and other programmer's workbench tools and utilities.

SunGard also offers a special Year 2000 LPAR. With OS/390 Release 2 and related products, this LPAR is fully Year 2000 compliant, so clients can test their solutions in a real environment. After completion of these steps, there should be a completely smooth transition at the turn of the millennium.

SunGard Computer Services Inc., the outsourcing unit of SunGard Data Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: SNDT), is a leading provider of IBM mainframe, client/server, and network support services, with over one hundred customers in various industries including financial services, software development, manufacturing, and government. Experts in high availability, time-critical data center operations and data processing automation since 1971, the company now brings "glass house" discipline to client/server system management. Additionally, the company's extensive experience in supporting software development customers has been incorporated into its new "SunGard Year 2000 Computer Service". SunGard delivers cost-effective data processing solutions with unparalleled service responsiveness and flexibility.

For more information on Year 2000 support or any of SCS's full range of data services, please contact: To the Year 2000 Information Center™