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The end of the Marcos regime's control over the Philippines in 1986 marked ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation's "freedom " from the clutches of the government during martial law.

The ABS-CBN management decided to open its closed radio station DWWW immediately after regaining their old facilities locked in the midst of Mother Ignacia and Bohol Avenue in Quezon City. Pre-martial law staff were hired back spearheaded by Mr. Joselito Balquiedra, Jr.. April of 1986 marked the rebirth of ABS-CBN's radio station and through the conspiracy of Attorney Jake Lopez. Mr. Ben Aniceto and Mr. Balquiedra they decided to name the new radio station as "DZMM". This was derived from the old name DWWW , only, the last two letters of the call sign were inverted. Eventually, "MM" in DZMM came to mean "Malayang Mamamayan".

As it was in the past, DZMM held on the tradition of the stalwart ABS-CBN Radyo Patrol (field reporters) of the 60's and early 70's to further develop the station's capabilities in serving the public. Mr. Jun Ricafrente, one of the original members of the team, started training new recruits. The first to be hired were Claude Vitug, Emil Recometa, Lito Villarosa and Neil Ocampo.

DZMM's home during its first year of existence was the Chronicle building in Ortigas. It was only in 1987 that the station transferred to the present ABS-CBN compound in Mother Ignacia St. corner Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, Quezon City.


DZMM'S thrust is news, public affairs and, most of all, public service.

* while we have a good dose of it, entertainment is not the staple of DZMM's programming.

* the most respected and credible personalities are on DZMM. They do not resort to cheap gimmicks or sensationalism to attract listeners. They remain objective no matter how emotional the issues may be

* on any program, people know their complaints, and views can be heard; conversely; the government's side has always been given due course

* free clinic, free legal advice, or simply free counselling have been constant and even a daily undertaking of the Station

* where graft and corruption looms, DZMM is always quick to probe, present or expose without fear nor favor

* where the public itself must be censured , DZMM does not hold back even if it means losing some of its listeners


* found on the left side of the radio's AM frequency (630 Khz), DZMM is now broadcasting via satellite in six far areas of the country and is being heard almost in each and every corner of the nation.

* overseas, DZMM now also serves the vast Filipino communities in California and other States via Satellite through cable (THE FILIPINO CHANNEL)


* DZMM has continously held on to an impressive showing in all the ratings since 1986 having captured the Number 1 slot in almost all the surveys for the past years.


"DZMM stands for a well informed Filipino so that he may be empowered to form his own ideas and stands on issues that affect his life, his family and contribute effectively towards upholding our democratic way of life and enhancing the overall economic well-being of our people."

DZMM : quite simply believes in serving the Filipino.

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