Inputs and Outputs
Accurate and Expandable

The quality of any digital audio system is limited by the quality of the signals coming in and going out. Our Interface series of input/output modules utilize high-resolution converters and state-of-the-art low-noise circuitry to ensure that your audio is converted accurately and is free of noise and distortion. The modules are built into rugged, solid steel enclosures for complete shielding from the destructive interference that degrades audio signals within computer system environments.

The two-channel Interface 2 provides two independent pairs of audio inputs and outputs with balanced quarter-inch TRS connectors and an audio level matching switch. It can be connected directly to the EDS-1000 card to create a basic stand-alone system, or to dedicated sockets on the Interface 442 or Interface MEC base unit when you expand your system.

The Interface 442 is a single rack unit enclosure with four independent audio inputs and outputs as well as a stereo digital input and output. It also includes an Interface 2 expansion connector and external clock input and output connectors for sample rate synchronization with other systems.

The Interface MEC (Modular Expansion Chassis) is a 5U rack mount cage. It includes a base module that has the same features as the Interface 442, with the addition of a front panel headphone jack and level control. You may also add up to nine expansion modules to increase the input/output capacity of your system.


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