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July 18:  I have just heard from Megamedia, that a beta level editor will be available around the end of the month. Unfortunately, it isn't a public beta. I will be contacting the beta testers who are still around, namely those who send in their handle and password for confirmation.

July 17:  The new bug report page has just been finished. If you were a beta tester, or an Elite beta tester, please e-mail me your handle and password for confirmation, and I will send you the new URL for the report page.

July 16:  Yes, another update! I know, it's about time, I'm thinking the same thing. :) There are some new, AWESOME screen shots that have just come in. Take a look at them Here.

July 16:  I have just updated the chat page, there were some problems with it before, but everything should be working fine now. I have some more updates coming up really soon.

July 16:  After a very long wait, and a lot of work, I have finally reconstructed the message base. I have been lacking in my attention to this site, which I shall remedy immediately. I appologize for the long delay. I'm hoping to get a ton of info from Megamedia in the near future, so watch for some new updates very soon.

June 21:  Last night, there was a major server meltdown. I was able to recover everything except the cgi-bin directory. This means that all the messages in the message base, and the bug report pages are gone. I will have to reconstruct both of these message bases again, so they wont be up again until sometime next week. I also lost the pages for downloading the beta for the beta testers, along with all the beta testers info. I'm not yet sure what I'm going to do about that. I can't appologize enough for this, just keep in mind that to err is humman, but to really screw things up requires a computer!!! I am not a happy camper.

June 20:  The monster naming contest is over. I will be sending in all the entries to Megamedia, and they will be picking a winner in the near future. Thanks for all your suggestions, they were all good. I'm sure that the guys at Megamedia will have a hard time deciding.

June 18: In case you haven't noticed the drastic change in size, I have just cut a ton of messages from the Message Base. I didn't pick and choose, just cut up until the end of last month. Sorry if I cut any old topics of interest, but it was getting way too big. Anyone checking out the Chat Room yet? I have only gotten a few e-mails from people interested in talking to the developers of Chasm. I would like to have a few more people speak up so that I can get some interest going. It's not every day that you get to chat with the developers of a game, and think that this would be a great opportunity to have your ideas heard and have your questions answered.

June 11: Good news today!! I have licenced a chat forum through PseudoChat. You can access our new chat forum HERE!!!!! I know that I have taken my time with this, but its here now!! I don't know how often I'll be poping in personally, but I will be in from time to time. If you guys want to set up some sort of Q&A with the guys at Megameda, send in some e-mail. If there is enough interest, I'll talk to them, and see if I can't arrange something. Enjoy the chat room, and thanks for all the Birthday best wishes!

June 10: I have a couple things to announce today. First off, the walkthroughs for the new demo are now available in the Cheats/Console section of Chasmaction. Check them out if your stuck. Also, the Monster Name Contest is still going strong. I have received many entries and would like to see more. I have not, and will not reply to all those who send in an entry, there are WAY too many. So if you have sent one in and didn't get a reply, don't worry. I got it and added it to the list. The contest will close next Friday, that would be the 20th of June. So send in your names! Many thanks to every one for pushing that little counter to well past the 10,000 mark!! It's a real motivator to update this site. Lastly, it just so happens to be my birthday today! Nothing is required or requested, just wanted to share. :) Have a good one, I know I will !!

June 2: As promised, the new Public Demo of Chasm is here! This file is 6.5 MB, it includes a new level, as well as a new weapon and monster. The level design has improved from the first demo, with moving walls and traps. It's still a little flat, but it is improving. When Chasm is released in September, I think that we can all expect to see a great game, with much improved level design. After all, it is three months away. The new high res looks really good, adding a crisper look to the Chasm Universe. Hey, look at that counter! Almost at 10,000!! Oh, and thanks for all the submitions for the new monster names, keep them coming.

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