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Husker QB Frost pleased with offensive execution

BY CURT McKEEVERLincoln Journal Star

MANHATTAN, Kan. After ripping Colorado State's 110th-ranked defense last week, Nebraska quarterback Scott Frost had the look of somebody who had breezed through a pop quiz.
On Saturday, even though the numbers weren't as staggering, the effect of the Cornhuskers' rugged 39-3 victory against Kansas State had Frost looking as is he had just aced a final exam.
"There is a big difference," said Frost after Nebraska had broken down the nation's eighth-ranked defense. "They came out with a lot of emotion and that makes it tough for an offense. We didn't do real well in the first quarter, but after that we started to pick things up and I think the whole offense played well. That's a big step for us to play that well against a good D."
By the finish, Nebraska had churned out 432 yards against a team that was allowing an average of just 239.5.
Included in that total was a 17-play, 80-yard touchdown march in the second quarter and a 10-play, 70-yard touchdown drive in the third quarter.
"Every time we have a 17-play drive, I'm pleased," said Frost. "That's kind of like the first drive of the game last week where we needed to come out and make a good showing on offense, and our first drive (then) was good. It was the same sort of thing today."
Nebraska kept the second-quarter drive going by converting four straight third downs including a third-and-9 play in which Frost shoveled a pass to I-back Ahman Green for a 13-yard gain. Four plays later, on fourth-and-1 from the Kansas State 8, Green took a quick pitch left into the end zone.
"That kind of put us over the edge," Frost said. "I think you could really see them start to collapse and us start to pick it up when that drive took place.
"When you can convert on third downs and keep the ball moving ... like I said, they're a great defense. Their D-line was good. Their secondary is excellent cover guys, touted as probably the best in the nation, so when we can come in here and at least play well and put up that amount of points we have to be happy with how we did."
Frost finished with 35 yards rushing and completed 8 of 16 passes for 79 yards and a touchdown. That 21-yard strike was a perfectly placed toss to tight end Vershan Jackson in the corner of the end zone that capped the third-quarter drive.
Frost also threw an interception and drew a penalty for a late hit against Clyde Johnson on the play. But after the defense held Kansas State to a field goal, he responded by engineering the marathon touchdown drive.

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