Rumor Has It - Album Review

By: Marianne Horner
May, 1997

In just four years, Clay Walker has sold more than four million albums and garnered platinum on each of his first three albums. Undeniably a major star who has performed before almost three million fans, Clay returns to the basic, stripped-down grassroots of his first album with his fourth project, Rumor Has It.

Co-produced by Walker and James Stroud, the album kicks the slats out with fiddle-driven, dancable cuts like "Heart Over Head Over Heels" (a tune George Strait had on hold) and the irresistible, south-of-the-border flavored "I Need A Margarita." In the infectious two-steppin' tradition that has become his signature style are "One, Two, I Love You" and "I'd Say That's Right."

When it comes to ballads, delivered pure and vulnerable straight from the heart, it's hard to beat Clay Walker. In the sweeping, romantic, tradition of "Hypnotize The Moon" is "Watch This," and showcasing Clay's sensitive, hearttugging way with a simple love is "Country Boy and City Girl," a song Clay penned when he was 17.

With what Clay calls "simple lyrics, a very simple melody and simple playing," Rumor Has It presents Clay Walker in the basic, pure country style that kicked opened the doors for him four years ago, and made him a major force in country music today.

---Reprinted From - May, 1997 Page A8