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Updated December 13 /96John Hamm's Newsletter

Newsletter to Constituents Return

Dear Residents of Chester-St. Margaret's:

With this letter I would like to introduce myself and explain why I want to be your next MLA.

I was born in Kiel, Germany, in 1940, and have been working for the last 25 years as a kidney and liver transplant surgeon at the Universities of Cambridge, Gothenburg, McGill and Georgetown. In 1982, I started Atlantic Canada's Liver Transplant Program and the Transplant Research Laboratory at Dalhousie University. I am married with six children.

I was politically unattached until the Savage government "reformed" and, in the process demolished our once excellent Health Care. Seeing first hand the devastating effect on my patients, I felt I could no longer watch from the sidelines and joined John Hamm's team in the spring of 1996.

Like many of you I resent being "ruled", without consultation and told to pay up and shut up. With unprecedented aloofness and arrogance, Premier Savage and his senior Ministers have imposed on us:

We need a representative in government who will stand up for us. We need an MLA who will speak out and fight for our interests, instead of one who hides behind the DFO and federal regulations when it comes to issues such as outlandish fishing license fee increases, or senseless "reforms" of salmon fishing management. We need a representative who does not show political favouritism when aquaculture licences are granted. Why were we left to fight alone the disappearance of our Lunenburg County School Board, and the abominable plan to dump toxic soil near Windsor Road? Where was our MLA when we needed him?

There will be no cynical promises. I will be a tough and outspoken proponent of your concerns in government, and I will be accessible and accountable to you. I would like to ask for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Hinrich Bitter-Suermann

  Letter of Support from John Hamm Return

To The Residents of Chester - St. Margaret's:

As leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia I am pleased to join Hinrich in speaking to you about our shared commitment to you and to the people of Nova Scotia.

There are many issues on the minds of Nova Scotians these days, among them the deteriorating state of our health and education systems, the province's continuing economic slump and, of course, the Blended Sales Tax (BST).

All of these issues, and more, have one common denominator which has been identified by Nova Scotians from one end of this province to the other as the single biggest source of their frustration with the current government: the government has imposed massive changes that have fundamentally altered almost every major policy area in isolation of the people and without regard for the long-term consequences of its decisions. This has to change.

As leader of the Progressive Conservative Party, I am committed to changing the way government does business. I firmly believe that we need to shake up our political institutions to make them more cooperative, less partisan and less confrontational in approach. No one political party has a monopoly on good ideas. What we need is the kind of leadership that will bring all good ideas to the fore and will act on them. As well, we must ensure that the Party system does not interfere with an MLA's ability to effectively represent his or her constituents in the House. We must also examine ways to involve Nova Scotians in a meaningful way in the process of government. I firmly believe that if our political and government institutions are to effectively respond to the people's agenda, as opposed to their own, then this is an urgent priority.

I am delighted to have Hinrich on our team. I have come to know Hinrich as a sincere, honest and caring individual. I know he shares my commitment to implement meaningful changes that will put "people before politics." Hinrich knows and fully understands that the Progressive Conservative Party does not and will not accept "the business-as-usual" approach we are witnessing today. Like me, he is a relatively new convert to the political process - a political process that, with your support and blessing, we will change for the betterment of all Nova Scotians.

Thank you.


John F. Hamm


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95 Arthur Hatt Rd., R.R. # 1,
Chester Basin, N.S. B0J 1K0
Email: hinrich@tallships.istar.ca
Phone: 902-275-5476Fax: 902-275-4098


Campaign Update Return

  In coming months this section will contain information about what is happening.




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How Can You Help? Return

Input from constituents will help to establish my platform. I need to know your concerns and ideas.

John Hamm's promise to permit caucus members a free vote will once again make you a participant in the political process.

Fund raising support is always needed.


The purpose of this letter is to explain our cause and to ask you to consider helping us in a very meaningful way.

On June 14, 1996, Dr. Hinrich Bitter-Suermann was nominated Progressive Conservative Candidate for MLA in Chester - St. Margaret's. His primary motivation for running was to directly confront those who are ruining the health care system that took the Doctors of Nova Scotia more than a century to build. Politically, Hinrich plays a dual role, as a well-informed spokesperson on local issues and as a passionate advocate for a noble profession under siege province-wide.

The political environment in Nova Scotia is changing fast. Who could have predicted that the Savage-led Liberals would so quickly lose public acceptance? Their ill-conceived "reforms" of taxation, medical services, education and municipal affairs have proven inefficient and costly.

We ask for your help. We have in Hinrich an outstanding and inspiring leader whose enthusiasm is infectious. We need money to conduct an effective campaign. This has to start now and not after the writ has been issued.

The chart below explains your income tax credits in April, 1997, if you contribute before December 31, 1996. Cheques should be made payable to the Official Agent: David Waterbury, In Trust. He will then issue you a tax receipt. Mailing address: David Waterbury, Q.C., RR # 3, Chester Basin, N.S. B0J 1K0. His phone number is 902-275-3855.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Janet Fryday-Dorey,Gerry Giffin,John Chataway,
President, 857-3682Treasurer, 275-5416Fundraising Chair, 275-3043

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1. Contributions to federal political parties in no way affect provincial political contributions on tax credits. 

2. Those on fixed or low incomes may not be eligible for political tax credits if the sum of all other Nova Scotia tax credits exceeds provincial tax payable.

3. The new disclosure legislation requires that all political contributions over $50.00 must be disclosed in Nova Scotia.



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