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The A - Z of Jewish & Israel Related Resources
The most complete listing of Jewish Internet resources available anywhere! This site has got it all, though they don't review the sites they link to like we do...ha ha ha! All kidding aside, this is a must site to visit for all Jewish 'net surfers! Official #ISRAEL home page
For all you IRC fanatics, Prof. Jonathan S. Golan of Haifa U. (a former visiting prof at McGill) has put together this WWW site, featuring photos and homepages of some of the regulars on #ISRAEL. Check it out to get the face behind the nick!

Chabad Lubavitch
Once again, Chabad is on the leading edge of technology!This is a really well done web page with a wealth of information AND a downloadable gif of the rebbe, Z"L (I hope I said that right). Check out the section on Chabad art! Contains lots of religious information as well.

Israel Sensitive Map
This is an overview of all the WWW and Gopher servers in Israel. A neat resource that allows you to connect directly to the servers in question. However, once you find something you may use more often, we suggest you put it on your hotlist!

Israel Information Service
Don't download the audio welcome message, its lame. This is the Welcome page and links you to both the Israel Information Service Web Site and Gopher server. There you will find documents from the Balfour Declaration to the Gaza Jericho Peace Accords as well as tons of information and documentation about Israel itself. In terms of the pure magnitude and scope of the available information, well, if it aint here, you don't need it!

The Latest News from Israel - Israeline Web or Gopher
All the latest in depth news coverage of Israel. Also includes weather and sports!

Jerusalem 1 Gopher Server
What can one say when faced with this wealth of jewish info but...wo! Tons of stuff here, all pure information and shareware you can download, related to all aspects of the jewish religion and culture. Do yourself a favour however, read the index before venturing into the files, otherwise you WILL get totally lost.

The Jerusalem Mosaic
One of my favourite sites! Definitely for all those who love or are interested in Jerusalem. Comes complete with etchings and photos and wonderfully presentedinformation. But don't take my word for it, check it out!

Macom Networking Ltd.
This is a kinda neat though definitely all over the place Israeli Web site. Get Info on Ron Arad (Israeli M.I.A.), learn Hebrew, or learn about the Israeli Post Office, Israeli coins and medals, the Society for the Protection of Nature, or the Israeli developed Internet Phone (really cool!) and more...Also contains the Tel Aviv Museum of Art page and a Chagall page with gifs.

Shamash Home Page
While this site does contain links, it also contains many actual resources including software! Here you can get a massive list of Divrei Torahs from different rabbis and organizations, Kosher restaurants around the world and other Jewish stuff of an orthodox persuasion, an online intro-to judaism course and lots of other stuff. I like this site alot! It's handy to both the jewish newbie and expert.

The Virtual Shtetl- Yiddish Language and Culture Home page
Learn Yiddish Grammar and take a look at some art. Note,these pages are still under construction so some links may not work.

Virtual Tour of Israel
Lots of maps of places in Israel. Not very useful, and perenially under construction...

Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit
Everything you ever wanted to know about the fascinating dead sea scrolls.

The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC
Ticket information, calendar of events, educational programs..little about the exhibits.

Montreal Jewish Web pages

Solomon Schecter Academy
The first Jewish day school in Montreal with a Web page! Now granted it's not my alma matter (Hebrew Academy) but the principal, Rabbi Dr. Shimshon Hammerman was my hebrew teacher in elementary school so I am a little entitled to be proud.

In Montreal - A local magazine
A hypertext version of "In Montreal" a Jewish Magazine offering information and insights for young Jewish Adults. An impressive effort with lots of cool graphics and pictures. Great source of info for both Montrealers and non-Montrealers alike!


Jewish Utilities

This neat utility converts a conventional date to a Hebrew Date

Want more? Try the List of Jewish resources, a comprehensive listing of Jewish resources on the Net

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