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Last Update: June 11, 1997

This page provides useful information for users of the SLAC network.

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Page Contents
New Topics and Announcements
Jun '97 X Security
Mar '97 System Changes
Jan '97 Introduction to connecting computer from home/offsite, Update on QuickMail support futures
Dec '96 SCS-BaBar HyperNews
Nov '96 Server usage classification
Oct '96 SLAC Windows NT domains & Windows Workgroups, Finding info on node from device logs, nslookup, Finding mailroute for username


Specific Topics

Configuration Information

Residential Services

Network Monitoring

Legacy Services

See also VM Migration.

Network Services


Other Information at SLAC

You may find the following useful: the general Introduction to Computing SLACwide along with three platform-specific introductions, Macintosh, UNIX, and Windows NT, plus Computing Security at SLAC.

You may also find the discussion/newsgroups SCS-BaBar Discussion Group and slac.networks* helpful.

Information Sources Elsewhere

You may also find the following information useful:

* This page is only accessible from SLAC.
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