The Linux Game Tome

This is a collection of links to games available for the Linux platform, including screenshots where possible. Games are added to the list after I've had a chance to make sure they compile and run properly. Unless otherwise noted, all the games listed in the Tome will compile and run with no modifications. Suggestions for games which I should take a look at are welcome!

The games! The Tome has been organized into a few different formats to make it easier to pick out that special game.

Don't like my ratings? Here's your chance to rate these games in an informal LGT ratings poll. See what the current ratings look like, see the comments, and cast your own vote!

Disclaimer: The method I used to rate these games is based on my subjective opinion and, like everything else you see on the Net, should be taken with a grain of salt. Try before you buy.

Links of interest to game programmers:

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