It's incremental acclimatization
from THEM!

UFOs in Mid-East
Esp. Israel and Jordan (The Place of the Descent)

  • Mid-East Paranormal Roundup
  • UFOs in the Mid-East page for September 96.
  • ISRAEL UFO HOTSPOT CONTINUES leading conspiracy theorists like talk show host Art Bell to wonder "Why Israel?".
  • 1997 UFO activity in Israel!
  • Quotes on the Deceptive Nature of UFOs from Blue Resonant Human - thanks BB.

      Speculation on the nature of the "alien presence" is increasing...and the public acclimatization continues.
    Whether or not Boylan's predictions about Alien Revelation in 1997 are true is not the issue... Watcher website reponds to a "Deep Throat" type revelation that aliens will make contact in 1997--officials are worried that Christians won't accept aliens as the saviours they truly are. Insidious! Thanks to Dan at UFO Folklore!

    The aliens will make everyone doubt the Bible. The link above even has a quote from an in-the-know person who says the aliens know there is one God (even Satan acknowledges God) but the aliens have no need for a saviour, and don't understand the human need for one. This sort of confusion is exactly what the rebel angels hope to accomplish by pretending to be aliens.

    Here is a website that attempts to deal with the spirituality of "aliens". The Bible is clear about the moral alignment of the extraterrestrial beings who populate the heavens, the high places. If Christians are speculating whether or not aliens can be SAVED, they are just adding to the confusion, since "aliens" are really spirit beings inhabiting genetically engineered bodies.

    After UFOs and ETs are accepted as a reality, all religions (including Catholicism but excluding Biblical Christianity) will have a new system of worship, a new spiritual paradigm which includes beings who evolved on other planets. And then, in my opinion, the Vatican will step in to embrace the space brothers and set up the religion of the Beast.

    The alien manifestation will convince nearly everyone they have no need for a personal saviour. If aliens fulfill an antichristian agenda, aren't they part of the working of error from Satan himself, setting up the Antichrist? It just seems so obvious. Aliens must therefore be agents of Satan, the fallen angels.

  • Isn't it just a little bit strange that UFOs and "aliens" would single out Israel, of all places on the Earth? The RAELIAN UFO CULT wants to build an "embassy" to welcome our space brothers...in Israel. Also, check out the enthusiasm for UFOs as demonstrated by the Jan. 5 expectation of a mass landing in Jerusalem. The "alien presence" is starting to be linked to the Peace Process. This is not surprising if one knows who is the authority behind UFOs.

      Links to other websites that share our belief that "aliens" and UFOs are deceptive.
  • An Interview with UFO researcher Norio Hayakawa

  • Alien Abduction Analysis - Messengers of Deception

  • Jack Van Impe realizes the potential deception of UFOs (BUT BEWARE - Jack has recently connected UFOs, the "signs in the heavens", to the Rapture--This is the kind of deception we are warning about!)...Check out the April 1996 Intelligence Briefing section at the Van Impe Ministries website.

  • KOINONIA HOUSE books and tapes on prophecy, the End Times, and the Cydonia/Egypt connection.

  • Humor and Conspiracy Theory from Blue Resonant Human.

  • UFO Phenomenon and the Bible -- Here's an excerpt:

      The true issue at hand here is not whether UFO and "visitor" happenings are real or not. I believe that they are. The issue is whether they really are extra-terrestrial life forms, here to help us - or demons, with the express purpose of deceiving multitudes.

      Jesus said that we could recognize a tree by the fruit it bears (Matt 7:15, Sermon on the Mount). Good fruit, good tree. Bad fruit, bad tree. The premise here so far is that there are, all over the Bible, descriptions of demonic forces that have the specific task of "blinding the minds of unbelievers (2 Cor 4:4, earlier)" so that they will not be able to believe the gospel when it is preached to them, because there are other, not-from-God philosophies, in their (your?) mind.

      Almost all the books on UFOs are found in the New Age section of your local bookstore. Examine the fruit of the UFO culture. Does it lead people to Jesus? Do you know of any strong adherents to the UFO culture, who believe aliens are among us, that are also ... Bible-believing Christians? How about yourself? If you have a strong interest in UFOs, (or memories of), are you a Christian? What is your attitude toward Christians? Toward Jesus? Generally, those who have a strong faith in UFOs also have a non-Christian belief system that would be described as New Age. "


    Zecharia Sitchin's psuedo-Biblical scholarship with an antichristian agenda has influenced everyone from Richard Hoagland to New Age optimist Eric Stetson. Visit his webpage combining Transhumanism, New Agism and Sitchin's misguided Annunaki theories into a persuasive tool for satanic End Time Deception - Eric Stetson's Ufos and the Bible page, and then read the preachy type of correspondence he has tolerated from watcher website.

    Eric's response RE: The Nature/Intentions of Yahweh and Lucifer.
    Be sure to read his disclaimer.

    While we appreciate the work OVNI Chapterhouse has been doing in documenting UFO sightings, and we dig their AVIs and stuff, it seems SOME FOLKS are just not tolerant of Christians with "narrow-minded" views.

    Here is another example of "scientific" minded UFOlogists dismissing alternative theories about UFOs. Secular Ufologists want to believe that UFOs are the technology of beings from other planets and/or solar systems. This view holds that "aliens" merely evolved on other planets and have travelled to earth bringing technology and "help". If aliens simply have more knowledge of the laws governing the physical universe, perhaps humans can be taught these principals as well--telepathy, time travel and other godlike abilities are all within human's grasp. Notice please that this is from a secular theorist, not watcher website. Traditional UFOlogy ridicules 700 Club warnings that "aliens" might be evil, and that UFO phenomena is potentially deceptive.

    The links on this page may differ in opinion as to who the aliens really are, but they agree that they have always been here. Contact with extraterrestrial intelligence is nothing new!

    Here is the first installment from an anonymous theorist who calls himself Cyberknight (I misplaced the second rant - if you're out there, send me some more stuff ; ) ). This Alien Conspiracy Overview is very similar to the conspiracy theories of William Cooper.

    Read this strange account of the Gulf Breeze Six--fellows who tellingly got info to go to a UFO hotspot from an occult source. Now why would deceptive spirits communicating through a OUIJA board (the method through which demons first communicated with Regan in the Excorcist, by the way) tell anyone to wait for UFOs to show up...UNLESS UFO'S ARE RELATED TO THE DEMONIC AGENDA OF THE SPIRIT WORLD.

    Please view our website for the truth behind the "alien" deception, and the END OF THE AGE.

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    The Planets and Satan's Hidden History

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    Fallen Angels disguised as Aliens!
    Satan's Plan to Escape Judgment

    The treaty with Antichrist and start of the Tribulation?
    Israel's Feast Days and Tribulation Date Setting

    Chronology of End Time Events
    Daniel's 70th Week Time line

    Prophecy and Current Events
    War in the Middle East (Ez 38)

    The Conspiracy Overview...This means something!
    Web O'Conspiracy

    ...browse these links and piece the conspiracy together yourself!
    Watcher's Paradigm Links

    Invasion from Mars?

    Elohim, the name of God, not "gods"...and the hybrid Nephilim

    Apocalyptic Signs in the Heavens

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