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IF YOU DON"T KNOW WHAT a Pi Approximation Day is, read the following post from alt.discordia, which explains it all quite nicely.

This Pungenday (the 57th of Confusion) is Pi Approximation Day, being on the Aneristic Calendar 22/7*.

This day may be celebrated in a variety of ways. Pause and give thought to the role that the number pi has played in your life. Imagine a world without Pi. Attempt to memorise pi to as many decimal places as you can. If you're feeling creative, devise alternative values for pi. Go to a party (I will). Or just celebrate in the time-honoured fashion of ignoring Pi Approximation Day altogether.

Rev. Bro. Lee H:. O:. Smith, KYTP, SP
Iconistery of the Yellow Tetris Piece

* In US notation, this is rendered as 7/22; alas, there are about 10 months too few for this notation to be feasibly used for Pi Approximation Day.

THE POINT BEING that 22/7 is 3.1428..., which is pretty close to Pi.

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