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Craig Cline is VP of content development and editorial director for Seybold Seminars and Seybold Publications. He served as program director for the Seybold conferences for many years, and also worked as a Seybold consultant. Before that, he worked at Atex, which in those days was a major newspaper system vendor.

On this Web site, Craig is responsible for editorial direction, relationships with guest columnists and writers, and development of new services. Contact him at

Peter Dyson joined Seybold Publications in 1982. Before that, he spent ten years at American Friends Service Committee (a non-profit organization) running a small printing press. His areas of expertise include Internet publishing issues, LANs, telecommunications, hardware, chips and desktop publishing.

Pete cares for the technical side of the site: the servers, databases, templates and page creation. He also writes news stories and editorials. In addition, he writes product reviews for Seybold's online and print publications. Contact him at

The Seybold Institute

The Seybold Institute comprises the executives and editors of Seybold Publications and some two dozen industry experts — Affiliates and Fellows — representing every discipline in publishing. Fellows are elected to the Institute for terms of one year. The Seybold Institute mandate is to ensure the highest quality and topicality in all Seybold Seminars educational programs.

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