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November 1, 1996

When I went back to this title for the purposes of this brief review, I realized again why I try to avoid this phenomenal game. WAY TOO ADDICTIVE!!!!!

There's little doubt why the Game Boy was such an amazing success right out of the starting gate. This game. There's also little doubt as to why the Game Boy started showing up in the strangest of places (i.e. executive brief cases, handbags and stashed inside work desks). This game.

Tetris is one of videogames' great equalizers. Like Pong or Doom, Tetris affects people in very similar ways. It's easy to learn, difficult to master and in a stroke of sheer genius by the good folk at Nintendo, it was the penultimate game to launch a black and white (actually green and white) portable game system with.

Although we're talkin' moving different shapes around and fitting them into the proper positions, Tetris stands as one of the best videogames ever made. The Game Boy would be the Game Infant without it.

I'm giving Tetris.............................10 out of 10

Victor Lucas

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