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Donkey Kong Land
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August 31, 1995

Who'da thunk that a year after Donkey Kong raided every [Donkey Kong Land Pic] single SNES unit in the world, those cocky blokes at Rare would cram almost all of the rendered beauty of that landmark game into an itty bitty Gameboy cartridge and still manage to remain true to the original. There's no way you'd mistake the two games as the same one (unless you're colourblind, squinting and standing across the street from your television set) but as a portable little adventure, Donkey Kong Land ranks fairly high in the Gameboy's seemingly endless list of platformers. I must say off the top, that DKL is not as good as Nintendo's other landmark title for Gameboy, and this game's progenitor: Donkey Kong. As good as DKL is, it just doesn't offer as much brain candy or sense of accomplishment that the other Kong does. The graphics are pretty and there is lots to explore but, ultimately, the game play is severely derivative.

Part of the problem with Donkey Kong Land not being as good as it could be, is the [Donkey Kong Land Pic]fact that it is a game for an obsolete platform. Perhaps if there were a median colour portable system that was somewhere in between the SNES and the Gameboy, in terms of capabilities, this Donkey Kong adventure would have been more representational of Nintendo's might, instead of being a reminder of the Gameboy's lack of. The machine literally churns and chugs it's way through this game.

Flicker is every where and the screen blacks out between scenes. Beyond these nitpicks though, the graphics are quite beautiful. The animation of our two favourite ape heroes, running, hurling barrels and climbing along rope ladders is stunning. The only problem with the graphics on the Gameboy, is the fact [Donkey Kong Land Pic] that they're, unmistakably, on the Gameboy, and sometimes it's impossible to make anything out. Playing the game in relative blindness, obviously, makes the game more difficult then it should be. This problem is alleviated when you play the game on Super Gameboy.

There are a few new rendered baddies, including: Hogwash, the Flying Pig, Nemo, a mutant prawn, Fangfish, a fish with fangs (you don't say), Hard Hat, a much-too-cute-for-his-own-good-so-let's-pounce-on-his-head-and-crush-him, [Donkey Kong Land Pic] earth burrowing mole & a somewhat friendly controlled disaster, obviously influenced by Warner Bros' Tazmanian Devil and his whirlwind, called Swirlwind. All of these additions compliment the simplified representations of Donkey Kong Country's villains, which have survived the miniaturisation process with aplomb. Rare's even thrown in Rambi the Rhino and Expresso the Ostrich, both from DKC, for you to pile onto and bum a ride.

There are four new areas to explore in this mini-cart as well; Kremlantis, Big Ape City, Gangplank Galleon and Chimpanzee Clouds. However, backgrounds are not the Gameboy's specialty, so, even though you might enter into a new level, don't expect to be blown away by your monochrome environment. The snow filled mountain top areas are very well detailed but enemies do get lost in the background and you'll find your self dying unnecessarily. A lot.

Music and sound effects are near perfect replications of Donkey Kong Country. It is amazing what the tiny speaker of Gameboy has been asked to recreate. An impressive job from the sound department. I like the completion music the best, because it means we're out of the last frustrating level and onto the next. You'll find yourself humming the tunes, inspite of yourself. This can be embarrassing on public transportation - watch out!

Control is tight and bang on. Your ape dudes jump when there s'posed ta and even [Donkey Kong Land Pic] picking up them multi-purpose barrels is a snap. The only thing with bouncing off of bad guys' heads, is that sometimes you're propelled so high into the sky, you don't know where the hell you're going to land. Of course, this is due to the limited size of the GB screen and the comparative large sprites of DK & DK, so, I'm not complaining (even if it sounds like I am).

Donkey Kong Land is an essential Gameboy addition. I think, after having spent more time with it, I was a little rash in giving it the number 2 spot on the Gameboy Must Haves list, because Zelda is a better game, unquestionably. I'll make the change to the list and you should run and check DKL out. If you haven't already overdosed on Donkey Kong Kookiness and you're in the [Donkey Kong Land Pic] market for a portable, world class, diversion for your scratched up Gameboy, you're really going to love this one. It's great on the bus or when you're standing in line for movies, concerts or vaccination shots. It has a handy save feature, so every time you pick it up, it's like opening a new chapter in a book. It really is time for Nintendo to release a full colour 16-bit (at least) portable but for now, gaming on the go is doin' just fine with the illustrious, 8-bit, Mr. Kong.

I'm giving Donkey Kong Land...................................................9 out of 10

Victor Lucas

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