These specifications represent new functionality that is supported in Netscape Navigator 2.0. We are in the process of submitting them to the IETF and W3 for consideration for HTML 3.0.

Font Color


Embedded Objects

Forms Enhancements


You can now specify color for a specific range of text using <FONT COLOR=####>


Targeted Windows: Browser windows can now have names associated with them. Links in any window can refer to another window by name. When you click on the link, the document you asked for will appear in that named window. If the window is not already open, Netscape will open and name a new window for you.

The syntax for the targeted windows is:

<A HREF="url.html" TARGET="window_name"> Click here and open a New Window </A>

A new BASE tag allows you to pick a default named target window for every link in a document that does not have an explicit TARGET attribute. It's format is:

<BASE TARGET="default_target">


The EMBED tag allows the insertion of arbitrary objects directly into an HTML page. Embedded objects are supported by application-specific plug-ins. EMBED can take arbitrary attributes.

The following general attributes are defined on EMBED:

SRC (required) - Specifies source URL.

HEIGHT - The object's image will be scaled to fit the specified height and width.

WIDTH - The object's image will be scaled to fit the specified height and width.


WRAP attribute in the TEXTAREA tag:

You can specify how to handle word-wrapping in text input areas in forms.

<TEXTAREA WRAP=OFF> -- the default setting

Wrapping doesn't happen. Lines are sent exactly as typed.


The display word-wraps, but long lines are sent as one line without new-lines.


The display word-wraps, and the text is transmitted at all wrap points.

Note: HTTP File Upload is NOT a Netscape innovation. Rather, it was proposed by Xerox PARC, and is already under consideration by IETF.

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