SSLRef is a reference implementation from Netscape Communications of the SSL protocol. Available now and free for noncommercial use, SSLRef is intended to aid and accelerate developers' efforts to provide advanced security within TCP/IP applications using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. Netscape SSLRef consists of a software library distributed in ANSI C source-code form that can be compiled on a wide variety of platforms and operating systems and linked into any TCP/IP application program.

You can apply to download SSLRef for noncommercial use or, if you are interested in commercially licensing this reference implementation, please send email to We will respond with license terms within three business days. The license restrictions for this reference implementation have no impact on anyone's ability to freely implement the SSL protocol purely from the SSL specification.

Netscape Communications offers a range of software products for communicating, collaborating, and sharing information on the Internet and other TCP/IP-based networks. Netscape Communications is currently shipping several software applications that include advanced security using the SSL protocol. Netscape Navigator, Netscape Enterprise Server, Netscape News Server, and Netscape Proxy Server all include SSL functionality among their many advanced features. For information on pricing and ordering these products, call any of the Netscape Sales numbers below.

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