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Traveler, this page contains all the faqs and relevant links pertaining to Archipelago.

May something, 1997
Archipelago is now located on a server in the uk. The new site, hot.virtual-pc.com 2895 (ip is 2895 was provided for using money donated by several ppl. We thank the sysadmin at proxy.riccione.net for temporarily housing us prior to the move, but unfortunately, there was not enough bandwidth available to sustain many players playing at once.

Unfortunately, the multitude of server changes, from mystik.net to proxy.riccione.net to the latest, hot.virtual-pc.com, has sent Archipelago into a watery grave. A loyalty split in the ranks of the immortals between the "old guard" and "new" had crippled the mud, and ensured its death. It was the immortals and players which made the game what it was, not only the areas, and world files. There was a sense that one could login to Archipelago, meet up with some friends, play, or socialize awhile without much interference from the immortals. Among the imms, there used to be a strong sense of camaraderie -- as comrades from similar backgrounds -- where one could air their differences, as well as fight without suffering much hard feeling. One change, that from one having fun to one being serious, had forever changed the game of Archipelago.

That being said, this is also the last update of the faqs, as I've no desire to update them anymore because of the intolerant views and actions of the few now running Archipelago. The faqs will still be here so you don't have to worry about them disappearing. n.b., read the n.b., and my personal note about the mud.

some midi sequences to listen to while exploring this site:
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techno: foo! | (by burgaard)
jungle: none avail. atm

Read all about the New Features and code changes that are happening right now on Archipelago.

[ A graceful fairy with a wand ] The Player's FAQ contains some potentially useful information regarding the game as well as some playing tips.

Some of you may want to jump directly to the Beginner's Guide which will explain in detail some of the most basic and useful commands used in the game.

If you are a builder, or are just curious, the Builder's Guidebook provides a glimpse of Archipelago's online building world.

A list of non-builder commands are available from the Immortal Command Book.

A few nice computer graphics, of a defunct archipelago web site, is permanently on view at the Archipelago Image Gallery.

The Homepages of a Few Players are indexed here by a shady builder :) with a hidden agenda.

For those players thinking about building cool, new, and totally original areas on archipelago, the Builder Proposal Guidelines has info on what to send in.

The Archipelago Web Jump Page resides here, and contains a tiny bit of info about the game.

Lastly, you can sign the guestbook

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