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Psycon Software 1997

Welcome to the PSYCON SOFTWARE Web site in Calgary, Alberta, Canada! Here you will find out what Psycon Software is, what kind of products we do, the latest news, and much more. If you've purchased Cybersphere, be sure to cash in on the cheats! If not, be sure to check out the screenshots and the playable demo for your platform!



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Product Ordering Information

Packages & prices:
  • Cybersphere Amiga
      $16.99 Canadian, $12.49 US, or equivalent
  • Cybersphere Plus Amiga
      $16.99 Canadian, $12.49 US, or equivalent
  • Cybersphere Amiga Bonus Offer
      $25.49 Canadian, $18.49 US, or equivalent
      * This package consists of both Cybersphere and Cybersphere Plus
  • Cybersphere PC
      $16.99 Canadian, $12.49 US, or equivalent

To order any of the above listed products from Psycon Software, send the following information, along with payment, to the address below. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

  • Information:
    • Your name
    • Your mailing address
    • Name of the package you are ordering
  • Payment:
    • Cheque or money order payable to CLAY HELLMAN. Cash should only be used if there is no other way. Prices are listed above. These prices include shipping and handling. NOTE: PAYMENTS MADE OUT TO PSYCON SOFTWARE CANNOT BE PROCESSED!!!
  • Address:
      Clay Hellman
      C/O Psycon Software
      Box 73067
      206 - 2525 Woodview Dr. S.W.
      Calgary, AB T2W 6E4


Contact Psycon Software

Questions and comments are welcome and can be emailed or sent to the ordering address above. Questions will only be answered via email. Product ordering information (for applicable products) can be found above, and also within the product's demo download.

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