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                Bussines Line of Skoda a.s.
Automotive Engineering and Manufacturing

Skoda Elcar s.r.o.
is a company oriented at research, development, testing and limited quantity production of minivans (model BETA). The company perpetuates the Skoda tradition of car and truck manufacturing and complements the scope of truck models manufactured by other affiliates within the framework of the current Skoda Group.
Primary product: Electric cars
Skoda Tatra s.r.o.
is a joint-venture company founded by Skoda a.s. and TATRA a.s. in March 1996 as a manufacturing plant for series production of minivans BETA CL 1.3 (the petrol engine version of BETA).
Primary product: Minivans
Skoda Liaz s.r.o.
manufactures trucks and road tractors of the N2 and N3 categories. Among the company products marketed separately are also water-cooled truck engines.
Primary product: Commercial Trucks
Tatra a.s.
is a company with a long-standing tradition of manufacturing of heavy off-road trucks suitable for the most demanding climatic and operational conditions. The Tatra trucks are primarily intended for customers in construction and mining industries and for heavy road transport. Special modifications of the truck superstructures and chassis result in a successful heavy-duty vehicle for use by the military.
Primary product: Off-road vehicles

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