Catalog #: KVVS-9704
ISBN: 1-890228-07-9
UPC: 6-31595-97803-2

Color. Stereo. 45 minutes
Erotic Comedy Adventure
Original Japanese dialogue with English subtitles
Unrated. Suitable for adult audiences only.
Parental discretion strongly advised.
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Welcome to The Ogenki Clinic

Welcome to Ogenki Clinic where Dr. Sawaru Ogeguri and Nurse Ruko Tatase are ready to service any sexual problem. Dr. Ogeguri and Nurse Ruko are always willing to go to any lengths to solve the unique sexual problems of their patients, even if it requires Nurse Ruko's special sexual aids, or Dr. Ogeguri's own personal equipment!

But who will solve Dr. Ogeguri's and Nurse Ruko's own sexual problems? Will Dr. Ogeguri's little friend ever be happy? Will Nurse Ruko ever be satisfied? The answers await you at ... Ogenki Clinic

A lesbian couple, Shoko and Sachiko, come to Ogenki Clinic fraught with guilt over using sexual toys to reach orgasm. They seek the wise advice of Dr. Ogeguri and Nurse Ruko to answer their most dire question, can they be happy together without using their artificial playmates?

Reiko Baibu is so sexually unsatisfied with her under-performing husband, that she must resort to exotic sex toys to relieve her frustration. But when she becomes addicted to her pleasure pals that she gives them names and personalities, her husband begs her to go get help at Ogenki Clinic. Can Dr. Ogeguri and Nurse Ruko help Reiko to see that the real thing is better than plastic?

The world famous rock idol, Katty Queen, suffers from the sexual disorder known as "internal combustion", ever since she made love with Dr. Ogeguri. Since then, she could find no other man to satisfy her carnal desires the way he did, so the releases all her sexual frustration through her hard-rocking music. Now that she has come to Japan for her latest concert tour, she runs to find the man who rings her bell like no other, Dr. Ogeguri!

Dr. Ogeguri and Nurse Ruko finally confess their passion and desire for each other, and want to seal their lustful fate together in marriage. Unfortunately for Dr. Ogeguri, Ruko's Step-mom, the legendary S&M Queen Masuyo, demands that she marry someone with more money and a descent job! Will Dr. Ogeguri and Nurse Ruko ever be able to join in holy matrimony, or will they be forever frustrated and rely on only mechanical toys?

  • Watch as Dr. Ogeguri and Nurse Ruko help their patients with their sexual disorders using their personal touch and toys.

  • A video which answers the question "How many different type of sex toys are there?".

  • An Erotic comedy that will have you laughing and fantasizing!!

  • A classic in the adult anime genre which help started the "hentai" craze!!

  • UNCENSORED ... need we say more?

    Warning: Contains scenes of explicit sexual content. For Adult over 18 only!

    Professionally translated and released under license from the original producers for sale or rental in North America only. A release of Kitty. Original Japanese version @1991 HARUKA INUI/AKITA-SHOTEN/APPLE English subtitled version and packaging @1997 Kitty. All rights reserved. All characters depicted in sexual conduct are aged 19 years or older. No actual identifiable minor was used in the creation of any character depicted herein. Warning: For private home use only. Any other use, copying reproduction, broadcast or performance in public, in whole or in part is expressly prohibited.

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