Screamer's Main Menu

OK, so you made it to the Screamer Hats' home page. Now what? Well that depends on who you are and what you want to find here.

So who are you? You might just want information about our Company or copies of recent Press Releases, maybe you are interested in Technical Information on how we construct our hats, or Warranty information.

Pictures of our hats, jackets, vests, stickers & tattoos are lurking under the Catalog button. You can find the nearest Retailer to you which carries our line. You can Order one and have it sent to you, your sweetie, your ex-sweetie, your boss, or ...!

If you are a Retailer, you'll want to know about our promotional programs, store incentives, display fixtures and who your rep is. All this and more can be had with a click on Wholesale.

Those folks interested in our international distribution, where in the world we are, where we want to be, (hint: we don't yet have distribution in Algeria), can click on International Sales.