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About Traffic Department 2192

A new game from Safari Software and P^2 Productions, Traffic Department is a unique combination of fast, arcade action and an adventure with a story that unfolds as you play.

The setting is in a dark city of the future, quite remniscent of Mad Max. As Lieutenant Velasquez, you must defend a city from oncoming attackers in hoverskids, helicopters, and other futuristic vehicles.

Each episode of TD features many missions. At the beginning of each one, you'll encounter a cinematic briefing; then, the action begins. After you're done, the plot continues to evolve until you reach the conclusion.


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System Requirements

Traffic Department 2192 requires:

  • A 386 or faster IBM-compatible computer
  • 4mb of RAM
  • VGA display
...and also supports:

  • Sound Blaster and compatible sound cards.

Ordering and Downloading Traffic Department 2192

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