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Plush Dogz

A cuddly new friend who's smart as can be! Because whenever you play together, Dogz makes happy sounds, grouchy sounds, crunching, munching sounds! Move Dogz eyes to change their expression from sleepy, to happy, to excited! Adopt one today, cause it's so much fun to play! You'll be friends forever, always together!


Introducing adorable plush doll Dogz & Catz.


They are waiting to be adopted at these locations:
Toys "R" Us
Kaybee Toys & Hobby
FAO Schwartz

If you're not in Chicago, don't worry plush doll versions of Dogz and Catz are coming your way late summer.

Tell your local retailer to stock up!

Currently available only in Chicago through June 20th.

Plush Catz

Adopt your own cuddly soft Catz -- the purrrfect friend with a real Catz attitude! Whenever you play, they make real Catz sounds and real facial expressions! Brush their fur to hear them purrrr. And when Catz eyes droop, you know they're pooped!


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