Online Organizational Manual
1992 to Present

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501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Organization funded by private donations and
public foundations

Community Building, empowerment and social change for sex industry workers


  In March 1992, a meeting for performers at the Market Street Cinema, an adult entertainment theater in San Francisco, was organized by Dawn Passar and Johanna Breyer in response to sub-standard working conditions, including payment of “stage fees” and health and safety issues. Due to the numerous concerns presented by dancers during the first meeting, a series of regular meetings was scheduled thereafter to address various civil, human and labor rights issues of sex industry workers and the mission and development of Exotic Dancer’s Alliance was formalized. Presently, Exotic Dancer’s Alliance advocates on behalf of exotic dancers and other sex industry workers locally, nationally and internationally.

who are we


  Our mission is to address the lack of civil, human and labor rights on behalf of exotic dancers and other sex industry workers. Our primary objective is to support all exotic dancers by providing information, referrals and services while collectively advocating for sufficient working conditions within the adult entertainment theaters. We assist both males and females, including transgender individuals, who work or have worked in the sex industry in an effort to initiate community building, empowerment and social change.


  Since March of 1992, Exotic Dancer’s Alliance has provided information, referrals and advocacy services to over 100 current or former exotic dancers through general meetings, individual consults, public speaking forums and mailings. In addition we have contacted over 300 individuals, service providers and/or agencies through general mailings, collaborative projects and social events in an attempt to obtain support from the general public throughout our endeavors.

In May of 1995 Co-founders Johanna Breyer and Dawn Passar were presented with Community Service Awards by the Harvey Milk Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Democratic Club for their activist work on behalf of Exotic Dancer’s Alliance.

In July of 1995 E.D.A. and C.O.Y.O.T.E. collaborated on a fund raising event to send two delegates to the International Conference for Women, NGO Forum '95 in Beijing. Dawn Passar, one of the chosen delegates, participated on behalf of Exotic Dancer’s Alliance and massage parlor workers in collaboration with other international advocates of sex industry workers.

In 1996 Exotic Dancer’s Alliance assisted workers at the Lusty Lady Theater during the first organizing campaign in San Francisco adult entertainment theaters as well as the formalization of the exotic dancers union, a chapter of S.E.I.U., Local 790.

who are we


  Exotic Dancer’s Alliance was created to promote empowerment and leadership among exotic dancers; therefore, it is the intent of E.D.A. to encourage and facilitate the opportunity for community based organizing efforts democratically developed and led by current or former sex industry workers.


The Board of Directors is comprised of a minimum of nine and a maximum of fifteen individuals from various experiences and backgrounds who provide general support to E.D.A. staff and programs; a minimum of two-thirds of the directors are current or former sex industry workers, and a maximum of one-third of the directors are representatives of social service organizations that provide direct services to sex industry workers. For both categories of directors, efforts are made to ensure diversity in terms of sex/sexual identity, race/ethnic identity, and socioeconomic status. The Board of Directors meets on a quarterly basis during each year and is interactive with E.D.A. staff and members to assist in the growth and development of the organization.


The Executive Director is responsible for the overall functioning of the organization, staff and programs. The Executive Director maintains community building empowerment and support within the organization reflective of the goals outlined in the mission statement; collaborates with appropriate agencies and individuals through formal and informal agreements in order to enhance existing programs and build solidarity within the sex industry community; oversees development activities including grant-writing and fund raising events; ensures contract compliance with current funders or collaboration members; facilitates regular program meetings and acts as a liaison between the Board of Directors, E.D.A. staff and members as well as the community.


Interns may participate in various aspects of E.D.A. programs in accordance with academic requirements of interested students and/or program/staff needs for assistance. Interns are primarily responsible for maintaining contact with target populations in order to facilitate community building, empowerment and social change on behalf of sex industry workers as well as providing education to the general population in order to enhance community support. Regular duties may include the following: peer education, development of training and service programs, funding development based on conducted needs assessments, sponsoring fund raising and educational events, facilitation of meetings, public speaking and community building, service provider and general public sensitivity trainings, assistance with unionization efforts and any other related outreach or organizing responsibilities necessary to enhance current programs or develop future programs. Interns work a minimum of 15 hours each week for six to twelve months every year. Interns are supervised by either the Executive Director or Program Director depending on schedules and/or program needs.


Consultants are recruited based on program or staff needs and are hired for a specific job and are compensated upon completion of projects. Executive Director must approve all recruitment of consultants as well as description of project needs.


Volunteers are an integral component within E.D.A. staff structure. Volunteers are recruited for staff and program assistance, including educational and outreach projects and political demonstrations. Volunteers may be supervised by the Board of Directors, Executive Director, Interns and Consultants in accordance with volunteer and project needs.



We provide opportunities for both staff and interested E.D.A. members to participate in various trainings based on availability or expressed group interest. Training topics are inclusive of, but not limited to, the following: labor and employment, legal, community organizing and outreach, health and safety, harm reduction, political strategy, program coordination and fund raising and skill building/career training. We prepare staff and members to be directors, program coordinators, outreach workers, public speakers, community organizers and leaders.


We utilize both the experiences of participating sex industry workers as well as the support from the community to reach populations who are in need of assistance. We provide advocacy, information and referrals in the following areas: primary medical care and HIV/STD prevention, financial benefits and planning, legal and workplace issues including union affiliation, social support, skill building, harm reduction, violence protection, substance use, mental health and housing. We promote peer based educational outreach methods in which individuals from the target population are providing direct assistance to the communities in need. Information is provided by E.D.A. to both the community as well as the general public through the distribution of regular newsletters and other publications, public speaking forums and special events.



Bay Area Sex Worker’s Advocacy Network (BAY-SWAN) is a collaborative project sponsored by E.D.A., Coalition on Prostitution and Street Outreach Services Consortium (including: Asian AIDS Project, Haight Ashbury Free Clinics, Inc., Institute for Community Health Outreach, New Leaf Community Services, Proyecto Contra SIDA Por Vida and Tenderloin AIDS Resource Center)


To form a network of social service organizations, service providers, and community members which advocates on behalf of sex industry workers inclusive of, but not limited to, street and survival sex workers, escorts, massage parlor workers, and exotic dancers in an attempt to further communication among service providers; social service and private organizations; city, county and state agencies as well as to increase all available social services for the populations including continual protection of their civil, human and labor rights.

To ensure that advocacy and outreach services are being adequately provided for the target populations in all areas that are in need of intervention and assistance by collaborating on coordinating programs encompassing medical, HIV/STD prevention, financial, housing, legal, violence protection, social support, mental health, substance abuse and harm reduction.

To promote community based advocacy and outreach efforts on behalf of sex industry workers by developing training resources as well as employment opportunities for various members of the target populations in addition to supporting existing advocacy and outreach efforts throughout the Bay Area.


Social service organizations, service providers and community members may participate in the project by attending community meetings, sharing information and collaborating on programs and services on behalf of target populations, and assisting in legal, political and social advocacy responsibilities on behalf of sex industry workers and BAY-SWAN.

The Board of Directors of each collaborating agency are responsible for maintaining project goals in the areas of community advocacy and training and education. Program Coordinators oversee individual projects including development and facilitation of small focus groups, training programs or workshops, peer based outreach and education, community networking, and political actions. The Program Coordinators are also responsible for maintaining all collaboration and contract obligations as well as all administrative functions of BAY-SWAN including financial development and fund raising efforts.


Annual membership is available for both individuals and groups and includes access to all E.D.A. information, referrals and services. Membership contributions or dues are based on a sliding scale; however, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.


E.D.A. Board of Directors meets on a quarterly basis during each year and is also interactive with E.D.A. staff and members as needed or requested to assist in the growth and development of the organization.

E.D.A. general meetings are held on a monthly basis and are open to all interested present or former exotic dancers. General meetings provide information and support to attendees in various areas based on expressed needs or requests of individuals or groups. E.D.A. general meetings are facilitated by designated staff and all information discussed by attendees is kept confidential; interested community members must obtain permission from the majority of attendees in order to participate in general meetings.

E.D.A. program meetings are held on a bi-monthly basis and is open to E.D.A. Board of Directors, staff and volunteers. Program meetings focus on organizational and program development reflective of E.D.A. mission statement and objectives. The Executive Director or designated staff member facilitates E.D.A. program meetings; interested community members must obtain permission from the majority of attendees in order to participate in program meetings.

BAY-SWAN general meetings are held on a monthly basis and are open to all interested present or former sex industry workers as well as service providers and community members. General meetings focus on current civil, human and labor rights issues affecting sex industry workers and is facilitated by designated representatives from co-sponsoring agencies.


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