Lady Kale TM

Banished from the Crystal Palace for plotting to take the throne away from her sister, Anya, the outlaw Lady Kale has dedicated her life to seeking revenge upon Merlin.

Merlin, she believes, is responsible for not granting her the Sun Stone which would have given her the power to become Queen. Instead, he gave that precious jewel to her sister who is now the good Queen Anya. Lady Kale is both ruthless and physically strong. Above all, she is hungry for power and firmly believes that she, not Anya, should be ruling Avalon. When Lady Kale discovered a new Enchanted Jewel called the Dark Stone, her destiny became clear. Using the Dark Stone, and aided by a group of misfit beasts, she has vowed to master the "wild magic" of Avalon and take control of the Kingdom. From her castle in the Thornwoods, she plans outlaw raids on traveling caravans that transport goods and information across the kingdom, stealing knowledge of the whereabouts of the Seven Stones of The Kingdom.

Her jewel, the Dark Stone, enables Lady Kale to talk to animals and persuade them to turn to evil.