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The scope of the millennium date change spans the entire information technology industry and as time runs out, this change will likely become your primary IS concern. After all, it has the potential of derailing all your other IS initiatives and significantly impacting the viability of your business.

Flexible Step by Step Approach

PROGESTIC believes that the survival of organizations will depend on the state of their systems come December 31, 1999 (or sooner). The strategy that an organization adopts should depend on their risk situation. It must be clearly understood that the Year 2000 Challenge is about the survival of businesses by managing their risk. PROGESTIC' s Focus 2000 methodology shows you where you stand, provides you with an action plan, and moves you forward step by step with proven techniques designed for the real world where time, cost and deadlines are real concerns.

Strong Technical and Management Expertise

The Year 2000 problem is not just another information technology issue but rather is a management problem which requires technical expertise, careful planning, hard work, significant resources, and a considerable dollar expenditures. Each component of an affected system must be addressed and management decisions must be made. PROGESTIC intends to treat both the management and the technical issues. Close collaboration and participation with the client in the decision making process is essential to ensure a realistic action plan. A project of this scale requires management leaders to ensure a successful delivery on time, by using the most cost effective approach.

Strong Working Relationship With Our Clients

Based on experience with Year 2000 projects, development of strategies, analysis of applications and the definition of solutions demand a knowledge of the environment, the operational cycles and the clients. The knowledge and the collaboration of our client resources is essential to the achievement of the goals, to the development of realistic solutions and to the maintenance of a reasonable project cost.

Creative Thinking Brings Results

Through PROGESTIC's Year 2000 group, a continuous effort is being put forth to create new solutions to the date challenge facing everyone today. The fruition of this effort has been the identification of a fourth solution to the popular three which have been propagated by industry gurus in recent Year 2000 publications. This fourth solution, DVR2000tm promises to offer substantial cost savings but is also visionary in that it focuses on a paradigm that will generate a better return on your conversion investment. PROGESTIC's Year 2000 group is a team of highly experienced consultants, each with their own unique expertise in one of the many Year 2000 conversion services offered . PROGESTIC relies on these consultants to provide clients with the most innovative solutions for their service needs, often exceeding expectations and project deliverables. Through the understanding of business issues, depth of expertise and quality of service, PROGESTIC is committed to being the partner of choice for their clients.

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