[Up Yours 4. Weed it and Reap.]

Once Upon a Time in a Galaxy Far Away ...

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# below: 'crack' in one line of perl; usage: [cmdline] dictionary ...
perl -nle 'setpwent;crypt($_,$c)eq$c&&print"$u $_"while(($u,$c)=getpwent);


... the UpYours beta4 - "Very stripped of functionality with the exception of the bomber," in the words of Acid Angel, GlobalkOS chief UY programmer - was turned loose. It was followed closely by UY4beta2.

As Acid puts it, "This is beta stuff and I plan to be releasing a new version every week to two weeks ... I have been pretty busy, and I actually have most of the coding done in this ver. *but* some of it is still in 'testbed' phase and requires a little bit of fiddling around to not generate errors ... SO I decided to turn those off and at least let you guys play with a little bit of what I have done..

"now if you were not listening in, Carolyn Meinel (the lady who runs the "Happy Hacker" mailing list) decided to do a press release on what I am working on ... seems she has some dude who has ties to the NSA who is interested in my work .. this is part of the reason for disabling certain portions ... If I am going to get into trouble for something like a Denial of Service (DOS) program, I would prefer that at least the damn thing was coded well..."

(WARNING: This is LOOONG. So if you can't read good or you've got a short attention span, click here.)

A virtual shadow of its potential self it may be but it’s already causing all kinds of major alarm, panic and despondency and, says what they call a usually reliable source (depends on how many beers he’s tanked back) "Fucjk infowar, i have the US government wanting the scoop now."

Meanwhile, for those people with their heads up their anal orifii, the UpYours email bomber has been around a while and, in its three incarnations, has come to be loathed and feared by large portions of the online community, as per the many and varied learned postings from security groups, watchdogs, government agencies, etc.

Want to know how it works? It sends out millions of tiny little bytes of chocolate-chip cookies which explode inside the computer. But they’re not what screw things up. Roaches, drawn like politicians to a porn site, do all the damage.

Anyhow, UY rocketed to fame by blasting a wide range of sites from kiddie porners (GET SOME!) to *official* servers. But it really hit the headlines when the Shite House, Rush Limburger and a host of others including Cee-Pee-Emio, AKA Carolyn P. Meinel, scientist-turned-company-president-turned-hack-(not hacker - hack)turned-wannabe-denial of service-consultant, were bombed.

Ceep-Pee-Emio carries a Big Schtick and writes infowar’s Happy Hacker item.

Back to the Shite House/Rush Limburger outrage, it was none other than Angry Johnny who, a lot of people believe, used UY to wreak his havoc. (If you’re interested, you can get more details further on in this section.) Acid says he doesn’t know if it was UY or something else, and he doesn’t care. Be whatever as it may, an AJ confidante told me, " … he used a custom script. It is fact."

OK. No prob. The point is, a whole lot of people will go to their graves believing Angry Johnny used UY and true or not, it’s certainly one of the most widely respected (like Rambo is respected) email bombers out there mainly because a) it works and b), its users remain anonymous which, of course, means the farces of awe and lorder haven’t been able to ID them.

(DIGRESSION: Bronco Buster was briefly a member of GlobalkOS, itself an elite hacker group. Like you didn’t know. After BB ceased to be part of GK, he remained on the fringes and got hooked into the Evil E-Mail page which has the largest Net collection of mailbombers. Acid let him know Uyb4 was in the offing so he could get it posted on Evil-E - and by April 4 about 1,500 copies had been downloaded.

To digress even further, infowar owes its existence to strife on the Net and in truth, it’s a pretty interesting page - lotsa cool stuff - and Betty G. O'Hearn is assistant to Infowar’s Winn Schwartau and "Supreme IRC Cop". I’m not kidding - that’s the way Cee-Pee-Emio describes her.

Anyhow, a whole slew of emails, starting with the one on the next page, started turning up on March 23.

And what I find kinda interesting is that a few people who, from their public stances, you’d have thought would have been busting their proverbials to wipe UY off the face of CyberSpace, were lining up behind the scenes to use it to score some free (they thought) publicity - to get their names in lights and maybe earn some bucks on the side.

Now, read on ...

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