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Subject: Re: Looks like Acid Angel is backing down for the time being
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Comments Caroyln? Run this by the boys before we release.

Up Yours! A Denial of Service Update

Last week Infowar.com announced that a new Denial of Service program, Up Yours 4.0 was to be released on Easter Sunday.

According to its developer, Acid Angel, associated with a loosely aligned group call Global kOS, he picked the date for release because, "it is the last day of Spring break." So be it. "Anyway, tomorrow is *not* going to mark the end of the net, (chuckle) but is going to mark the 'beginning' of a new form of internet based attacks."

We received and reviewed a beta of Up Yours 4.0 and the vast majority of the functions are not turned on and not working as of today.According to Acid Angel, "I have decided to pull some of the functionality that I have been testing until I can really analyze the effectiveness of what is going on.

The beta distribution site is temporarily down and Acid Angel promises to have newer, better featured versions of Up Yours 4.0 in the coming weeks.

Infowar.Com will keep you advised on updates.

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Heh! Tasty. But it gets better. Seems good ole Winn sent BB (who'd by now assumed by default, almost, the glittering status of co-UY4-author) an email which went:

Great! I can prepare a BIG story on this, but to get started, I have a number of questions. They are aimed at both of you, so no playing favorites. :-)

Keen sense of humour, huh?

These are meant to be provocative for readers. They do not necessarily reflect me or my beliefs, but I have to cater to a wide audience who really want to know this stuff.

What a guy. Tough but fair.

Does that mean good ole Winn is a closet-hacker and only puts his page up to make a buck or ten?

Anyhow, Acid - who by now was having a great time - answered Winn's gritty, tough-but-fair, hard-core questions.

Date: Tue, 01 Apr 1997 15:38:53 +0100
To: winn@infowar.com
From: AcidAngel acid@*.*.com
Subject: Re:

here ya go

there are comments embedded in this e-mail, all in between lines.. all should be easily found

=========================================================================== ===

1. Who started the UY movement? When? Why? Is it social, anti-social, political?

I started it, in early 1996 with version 1.0 as a reaction to a really, really bad program that I ran across, Up Yours was the most "politically incorrect" title I could find.. and I have always wanted to hear Dan Rather say it on national TV..

2. Who are you and Acid in real life?

just a regular guy, I have a job and girlfriend and yes even a life just like you. Upper-Middle class, lived all over the nation etc..

3. What was your kinkiest experience. (Human interest)

kinkiest? as in sexual? or how do you mean this?

4. What does UY4 have that the first three didn't?

the release is very similar to UY3, so far I have added quite a few features to UY4 that are not in the release and won't be until the beta2, features include a "Usenet spammer" and "Pop3 hacker" and I may delay the D.O.S. items until the final as I want them to be "good" before I distribute.. (btw: Testing is already underway by a firewall expert)

5. Who uses UY?

"I Hope" that people use it to blast people offline who are trading kiddie-porn and spamming wide ranges of e-mail accounts with msg's like "you can get rich if send me $5".. that is really what is was written for.. and if they use it blast at politicians, well.. hehehe more power to them..

6. Why would they want to use it?

if you have ever received a ton of spam mail you might want to use it yourself.. it does the job and does it quick... people interested in blocking a domain also would benefit by the versatility.. In the town where I live there 'was' a ISP who hiked rates and screwed some businesses over on contracts, including a local Internet Coffee-house.... well they had a great deal of use from my last two programs, people just don't want to be on a server that the mail-server is continually crashed on and has connection problems.

7. Do you feel any repsonsibility for putting lit grenades in pre-teens' hands?

does a gun manufacturer feel any remorse for all the deaths due to guns.. I highly doubt it.. The internet is a war zone, IRC is a huge battleground but e-mail and www pages are fastly becoming powerful tools, and I feel that D.O.S. attacks mixed with a combination of the others are the tools for future "net-warriors".

8. What is your goal here?

my goals are just to have fun, programming is a hobby and TCP/IP programming is challenging. I specialize in Networks and particularly Internet Security (I do consulting work..) I just kind of have a knack for making computers talk with each-other..

9. If you could tell Prez Clinton 3 things, what would they be?

Give it up the net is *not* censorship enforceable and never will be. good luck.. you are going to need it.. don't pull a nixon..

10. Should UY be used as a tactical weapon against US enemies? The top 10 please with their email addresses.

If the DOS package proves as effective as I think it will, the net will be in considerable chaos for awhile and "everyone should be able to have this tool" just like encryption.

11. How does Carolyn Meinel fit into the picture.

she knew bronc, and I confronted her because bronc was forwarding me her mails.. she seemed exited..

12. Why are you scared of the conventional media? And yet you trust me? (Thanks!)

I am not a person who really trusts anyone.. I am blaming this whole thing on bronc he contacted you guys ;)

13. Are you legally responsible if some nut case uses UY4 for real bad DOS attacks? What do your lawyers say? Can I talk to your lawyers?

If people could sue Smith and Wesson because a guy killed someone or himself with one of their guns people wouldn't make guns... I am still waiting to talk with my lawyer and No you cannot talk with him.

14. What will UP5 be?

probably an extension of this version with several other D.O.S based style of attacks and I plan on some IRC functionality and automation.. plug in a server and it takes care of the rest kind of deal.. That will be a huge job and I am not going to do the incremental releases like I am doing with this version

15. Why did you make promises about the dates of UY4 and then say, oh well, a few more weeks. Isn't that the problem with Microsoft?

yea that is the problem with microsoft, honestly I thought I had an entire week to work on this but I must not have been thinking because that week just happened to be spring break.. and well what with hot-tubbing and the beach I didn't get home much

16. If you could tell the Military two things, what would they be?

1) Magnetic Bombs are the biggest threat to civilians and especially banks and stocks.. If I could wrap up a large telephone pole with wire and make a giant electromagnet and plug it into a large power source near Wall street.. things would get interesting *real* fast... all computer date within a mile would be wiped clean, even tape backups.. (not CD'S of course..) 2) train your men in computers...

17. What about the Russian and CHinese military/government?

they are still using old systems (equivalent of a VAX or DEC) probably Upgrade your computers and beware of Magentic Bomb attacks... they are too easy..

18. What do your parents think about UY? Would you bomb their email? WHat if your enemies bombed them. What would you do?

my parents.. they know me too well.. I think someone bombed me once.. very briefly.. But I have disabled some domains in the program so that is not a problem with my program

19. WHo should UY definitely NOT be used against? (Including me, of course!)

well... probably not small upstart ISP's unless they are charging outrageous prices or something.. and not people like Capn Crunch.. he was just sharing knowledge, and these kids started bombing him and he has been in a world of hurt...

20. Why did you agree to this interview and my exclusive?

[Good ole Winn had to nail the EXCLUSIVE down. Didn't want any messy misunderstandings.]

cause your here... and because this is your field, as well as mine.

(Winn:)That's a nasty beginning. I have to be in your face to turn this into something fun, entertaining and gonzo. I don't know what format I will use yet: interview or prose. Got to talk to some other folks, too. Do send pix. Tell me what you want blanked out. Also, if you want some stuff Off The Record, SAY SO CLEARLY where it begins and ends. If you want to add anything,please do!


"Fun, entertaining and gonzo. In your face. Got to talk to some other folks, too."


And from good ole BB:

On Mon, 31 Mar 1997, bbuster@succeed.net (Bronc Buster) wrote: I just got home, and I'm leaving again for 2 days in Reno. I'm going to see a Rodeo and enjoy my spring break. If you got your hands on the Beta of Up Yours 4, you'll see that it's kind of empty, I think his release date was a little premature. If I can get him (acid) to get me a copy of the project file, we could work on it togeather and get it done, but he likes keeping it to himself. As it is now, I just send him my ideas and how they work and he codes it.

As far as the "media exclusive" stuff, you can have it. I have a few pictures of me I'll scan this week and send to you, I think Acid has a few to. (Is me in my cowboy hat ok? hehehe) The software part is up to Acid, I can tell you how my ideas works all day, but untill he codes it in, it's just that, my idea :( Let me know anything else I can do for you and I'll try to get it done...

Now eit can be revealed! (Evil laugh.) BB is the brain behind UY. Acid is just an innocent dope (sorry - dupe)!


we need to talk.

Please call.

Watch this space.

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